Alfa Romeo Giulia GT- First drive 2010

Per Einarsson – First time out of the garage proper this year. I took a wonderful drive in the early sun to the beach and followed the coastal road over Elsingore and down to Copenhagen – But first I stopped for a smoke in Tisvilde. Maybe I have seen too much Fellini, but I think a beautiful old Donna like the Bertone GT needs ab video tribute – Enjoy reading

PRT 2/2 World Central banks fiat money system collapse

CIA Officer- Robert Steele stresses the importance of Blogging MONTAGE from backburner channel: Bernanke laid down the possibility to abolish the minimum reserve themoderrnmystic video : reading

Alfa Romeo 155 Q4 Dragrace @ Kiskunlachaza, Hungary 2010.03.27

Laszlo Turza is back on the track after winning 2009 overall championship in drag in Pro3 Class. This years first race he started with no mods, so as the car was laid down in october so has it raced reading

New 2010 Alfa Romeo mito 1.4 multiair

Alfa Romeo, always a byword for sophisticated engineering and high-performing engines, proudly presents the revolutionary Alfa Romeo mito 1.4 multiair system, developed and patented by FPT – Fiat Powertrain Technologies. The forerunner of this revolutionary family is the multiair 1.4 engine, first introduced to the world on the Alfa Romeo mito model and offered with 3 different power levels (105 HP, 135 HP and 170 HP), all Euro5-ready.… Continue reading

Transformers 3 Ferrari 458, Carbon Motors and BMW, FIAT …

Transformers 3 looks to be getting a Ferrari 458 Italia, who’d of thought? Also, Carbon Motors buys some BMW Turbodeisel goodness, and news on the FIAT 500 coming to the US. That’s all today, hosted by Derek deangelis. reading