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Arden Jaguar AJ 20 RS with more than 600 HP

Arden Jaguar AJ 20 RS

Arden has been committed to the upgrade of British automobiles for 40 years and is one of the most important contact points for customers desiring an emphasis of the typical features and an individualisation of their Jaguar or Range Rover. Arden has already made comprehensive changes to the Jaguar XKR-S.

The XKR-S is the most powerful series-produced Jaguar sports car ever built. As early as 2010 the Arden AJ 20 Jaguar XKR 5.0l convertible with an acceleration of 0 to 100 in just 4.3 Seconds was 0.1 seconds faster that the XKR-S. This was still to be beaten. Decades of experience in the field of engine development makes this possible.

Arden Jaguar AJ 20 RS

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Arden Jaguar AJ 20 RS

Arden elicits 603 HP from the XKR-S at a full load of 750 Nm and a top speed of 315 km/h (approx. 190 mph). This indicates a power increase of more than 50 HP as opposed to the series-produced model and a full load increase of 70 Nm.  This is achieved by adapting the engine electronics in connection with Arden’s complete exhaust system and high performance catalytic converters.

The handcrafted stainless steel grid in the exclusive Arden design and the additional flaps on the spoiler lend the Arden AJ 20 RS an elegant sporty appearance. New side skirts continue the front design and ensure a visual lowering.

The rear apron with its diffuser represents the powerful completion of the Arden AJ 20 RS and improves the aerodynamics of the vehicle. The rear wing is additionally equipped with a Gurney flap and is thus perfectly integrated in the design.

The dynamic impression of the Arden AJ 20 RS is reinforced by the Arden sport spring set. It reduces the vehicle height by around 25 mm, which ensures optimal driving behaviour.

The multi-component 21″ tires (front axle: 9×21 with 255/30R21, rear axle: 10 x 21 with 295/25R21) in the exclusive Arden “Sportline” design in connection with the Arden spring set ensure optimal road contact at all times and successfully round  off the appearance of the Arden AJ 20 RS.

The Arden Jaguar hood ornament is naturally also available for the XKR-S. Every ornament captivates with its love of detail and its visually and technically flawless workmanship.

Source: Arden