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Mazda UK launches new ‘Crafted in Japan’ campaign with ITV International Drama sponsorship

Mazda UK has announced a high-profile television and streaming sponsorship of International Drama programming across both ITV1 and ITVX. Throughout the 14-month sponsorship viewers will see a series of new film ‘idents’ that focus on Mazda’s ‘Crafted in Japan’ brand messaging. Designed to highlight the craftsmanship found in every Mazda, the idents feature ‘Macrofying’ footage of the stylish materials and design found inside and outside of Mazda’s flagship SUV – the Mazda CX-60.

To create the footage Mazda teamed up with German macro photographer Ole Bielfeldt to show the craftsmanship behind every Mazda car from a whole new perspective. In his work, the 22-year-old digital artist behind “Macrofying” explores the world around us through mesmerising microscopic images and videos. From a single strand of hair to the crystalline structure of a flake of salt, Ole focusses in on the simple, often surprising beauty of everyday objects.

In this pursuit for the perfect image, Ole Bielfeldt obsesses over even the smallest detail – an approach to artistic creation that perfectly aligns with Mazda’s Takumi philosophy, a title reserved for only the most skilled of craftsmen. These master artisans pour their heart and soul into creating cars that are also works of art – perfection with a human touch. “Takumi is essential to create something unique,” explains Mazda Designer Bahram Partaw. “We need a certain level of craftsmanship to express something nobody has seen on the road.”

The ident films take a close look at the materials and processes that form part of Mazda’s craftmanship: the initial sketch, a first clay model, the metal finishing and the perfect shade of body colour, all are shown on screen in a new way thanks to the use of a macro lens.

Commenting on the ITV sponsorship, Mazda UK Marketing Director, James Crouch, said: “International Drama on ITVX and ITV1 is the perfect fit for Mazda, we wanted to emphasise the craftmanship story that sits behind every Mazda. Supporting the intricacy of creating dramatic moments in international drama is the perfect alignment for Mazda’s Crafted in Japan brand positioning and the sophistication of Mazda’s engineers and craftspeople in Hiroshima.” 

Adding, “the Mazda sponsorship will be seen alongside high-quality drama programming, which includes: Bali, The Twelve, Vanishing Act and Love and Death. It’s great that Mazda’s sponsorship features across traditional television and streaming, which aligns with Mazda’s digital first marketing approach.”

Sam Grindey, Business Director at Mindshare UK commented: “this partnership reaches viewers on ITVX who have a deep appreciation for high-quality drama and an eye for detail. It’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase Mazda’s exceptional craftsmanship and we believe International Drama is a perfect fit. We are thrilled to have brokered the partnership and are confident this collaboration will make a lasting impact.”

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