2009 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Edition 63

German sports car maker Mercedes-AMG has enhanced its model arsenal with a more focussed version of its compact sledgehammer. Its name: the C 63 AMG – Edition 63.
2009 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Edition 63

Having set the benchmark with its Australian debut in March last year at the iconic Bathurst motor racing circuit, the C 63 AMG has gone on to become both a runaway success for Mercedes-Benz and a beacon for the brand in this hotly contested segment.… Continue reading

2010 Porsche Panamera

Through Porsche Exclusive and Porsche Tequipment, Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, enables the customer to refine and personalise all Porsche models individually and exclusively to his or her particular wishes beyond even the sophisticated range of standard features. The new Panamera is no exception to this rule, again giving the customer the option to turn the car into a truly unmistakable one-off masterpiece by means of Exclusive features fitted straight at the factory or Tequipment components fitted later by the dealer.In personalising Porsche’s new Gran Turismo, the focus is not only on using the very best materials such as leather, wood, aluminium or carbon, but also and in particular on their perfect finish.… Continue reading

Alfa Romeo Favors Giulia Sedan Over Small Car for U.S. Comeback

Alfa Romeo Favors Giulia Sedan Over Small Car for U.S. Comeback

Fiat SpA’s Alfa Romeo, the maker of small and sporty cars like the Duetto Spider, will probably choose a sedan for its first U.S. model in more than 15 years, Alfa Romeo Chief Executive Officer Sergio Cravero said.

Americans are more likely to buy the Giulia sedan, the successor to the 159 automobile that Alfa Romeo sells in Europe, rather than smaller hatchbacks such as the MiTo or the new Milano, Cravero said in an interview at the company’s Turin, Italy, headquarters.… Continue reading

2009 Porsche 911 Turbo P800 by Switzer

When Tym Switzer and his crew at Ohio-based Switzer Performance introduced their 800 hp P800 package for Porsche’s track-focused GT2 back in June, a number of inquiries expressed significant interest in the package, but a number of customers asked if they could get the same level of power from the AWD 997TT.… Continue reading

Lamborghini LP550-2

It’s been ten years since Lamborghini launched a rear-wheel-drive supercar – but with the arrival of the new LP550-2, the waiting is finally over.

Conceived in honour of the firm’s chief test driver, Valentino Balboni, each example also carries his signature and gets unique detailing, including a new range of colours and a dramatic white stripe that runs the length of the bodywork, Inside, there are special leather trims and a badge on the dash.… Continue reading

2009 Mercedes-Benz C63 by Edo Competition

Experiencing this exceptional vehicle on the road even surpasses what it promises on paper. The latest generation of the AMG C-Class offers a perfect blend of unrivalled performance and expressive styling.

Remarkable comfort, sporty manners and long distance capability are not mutually exclusive qualities for this car.

Power in abundance and unbridled V8 goodness are provided by edo competition.Continue reading

Porsche Cayenne French tuning

Former editor-in-chief of French tuning magazine ‘Modify’ and now owner of his own tuning firm, Jeremie Paret, has released a new wide body kit for the Porsche Cayenne. The styling package that bears the name ‘Balrog’ gives the German SUV a new nose complete with Cayenne Turbo side lights and fog lights with angel eyes.… Continue reading

2011 Alfa Romeo Giulia

2011 Alfa Romeo Giulia

What you see pictured above is an artist’s impression of the Alfa Romeo 159 replacement that is reported to revive the Giulia nameplate as the Italians are swapping their current system of numeric names for more personal ones (e.g. the 147′s successor will be named Milano). The CGI, courtesy of Motorionline, is apparently more of a wild guess on the Guilia’s styling than anything else, but in any case, we’ll let you decide if you like it or not.… Continue reading