My Car Collection 2010 Fiat 500 Abarth

Hey guys, Its time for the New Fiat 500 Abarth. ”The Competitor of the Mini Cooper JCW” First of all, we bought this car due to its History in the past version of the Cinquecento (500) and now that the have made the new model it would be a perfect car to put it side by side with is OLD Grandpa reading

Fiat & Alfa Romeo, US F1, Gemballa – Fast Lane …

Alex Roy of Team Polizei and JF Musial get together in the new Fast Lane Daily studio to discuss some important automotive news. What actually happened to Uwe Gemballa and his tuning house? Will Fiat and Alfa Romeo do well when they make it to the US, and is US F1 heading for disaster or a great success reading


So, what’s up at Alfa Romeo? It must be said that, while waiting for the replacement of the 147, the all-new Guiletta, due to be unveiled at the Geneva Show, the Italian carmaker has been rather discreet since the introduction of the Mito in 2008. But Alfa has made some changes to their compact to celebrate its two years of existence.… Continue reading