Buying a Used Car for a Teenager

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For a teenager, getting their first car is a major milestone in their lives. When deciding upon the particular car they will get can be quite challenging to balance parental concerns and requirements with teenage desires. Often, the practical side of the purchase wins out.

If you ask a teenager what they want in their first car, their answers should not surprise you. The car should be aesthetically pleasing with a cool looking style and usually some sort of color preference on the part of the teenager. Typically teenagers will want a small car that is easier for them to handle as well as be efficient on gas, especially if they themselves will be filling it up with petrol. Some teenagers want a car that can seat several people; after all they want to haul their friends around. Performance is another popular used car requirement. They want a used car that is capable of going fast. They also want a vehicle that they can accessorize with things such as rims. However, are all of these really necessary or even the best things for a teenager? What exactly should you look for when choosing a used car for your teenager?

For parents, safety should be the utmost concern when selecting a used car for their teenager. After all, this demographic of driver is the most inexperienced and therefore likely to have an accident. You want to select a used car that can provide some protection for your teen. Also, another feature of a used car for a teen should be some sort of economical vehicle. Teenagers like to drive their vehicle quite a bit which means they will be burning gas.

Another concern when purchasing a used car for teens is getting a model that can be insured for a reasonable cost. This is another good reason for veering away from sporty vehicles. These tend to also come with a higher insurance price tag. Even the safest vehicles come with hefty insurance premiums but not as much as a sports car. Taking the time to look for a vehicle with these requirements will keep your teen safe and more money in your pocketbook.

2010 Pogea Racing Fiat 500 Ferrari Dealers Edition

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Engineers at German tuning firm Pogea Racing have released a new tuning package for the Fiat 500. The company has done their own take on a Ferrari edition of the 500 by boosting the car’s output to 264 hp (197 kW, 268 PS) and up to 330 Nm (243 ft-lb) of torque. From the looks of the car, it appears engineers began with the Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari, which gets 180 PS (132 kW / 178 bhp) out of the turbocharged 1.4-liter 16-valve four-cylinder engine