Vilner is a luxury tuning Art Studio based in Bulgaria best know for its Bullshark project involving the BMW 6 Series. Now, the designers are ready to introduce their next modification – a cute Vilner Alfa Romeo Mito. 

The production Mito is driven by the 1.4 Turbo engine, which delivers 155 horsepower (114kW) and 230 Nm (170 lb-ft) of torque. However, all this power wasn’t enough for the tuners and they were instigated to optimize the powertrain. As a result, the unit was enhanced to a total of 200 hp (147kW) and 279 Nm (206 lb-ft) of torque. 

Next, the exterior modifications here include a new red paint finish with pearl effect, contrasting black lacquer varnish on the side mirrors, door handles, grills, tail-light rings and diffuser; and headlights, 17 inch wheels and exhaust-end pipes in matt-grey. 

The refinement continued throughout the interior as well, where one can see an extensive utilization of nabuck, Nappa and carbon leather. In fact, the whole interior was redesigned. The plastic elements found in this Alfa-Romeo were metalizzed and now have aluminum effect, while the front seatbelts were decided in red and the accents on the floor mats - in the same color. 

Vilner has specifically designed and crafted an individual traveling bag in the same style and materials for the future owner. At last, the price of this “jewel” is 13 000 Euro. 

Source: Vilner