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The Vivaro: A Van with Drive

Vauxhall Motors was founded in 1857 when a manufacturer of pumps and marine engines decided to start producing cars. Since it was founded, the brand has become associated with motorsports, with its cars competing in the British Touring Car Championship and a number of rallying competitions. Today, Vauxhall is one of the UK’s main motor manufacturers, with an increasing range of cars, vans and commercial vehicles which are a far cry from the limousines and open tourers that they produced in the early days.

A vehicle for all purposes

Vauxhall’s Luton plant has been largely focussed on producing the Vivaro over the last few years. As one of the most practical commercial vehicles, the Vivaro is the perfect combination of practicality and comfort, making it ideal for any customer who values a vehicle which covers all bases. The back is spacious, so it’s perfect for those large loads which simply won’t fit in a smaller vehicle, and the practical design means it’s easy to load and unload no matter what you are carrying.

Contemporary design

The Vivaro’s exterior has undergone a number of modifications since it first went into production, although the design in a classic one which hasn’t been dated by the passing years. The original design was fresh enough to be something of a benchmark for vans in the same class around the time it was launched, so a few minor tweaks have been enough to keep it looking modern. For more information on the alterations made to the design of the Vivaro, this site has plenty of detail on what makes it such an appealing option.

Safety first

One of the things that attracts businesses to the Vivaro is its incredible safety record, which makes it an asset to any company. From single vehicles, used by small businesses for a variety of tasks, to entire fleets of vans which are in regular use across the country, the Vivaro can fulfil any function required of it nd offer users the reassurance that they are protected by state of the art safety features. These include electronic stability control which provides a technological solution to the problem of occasional skids or loss of control by automatically applying the brakes to ‘steer’ the vehicle when it’s needed.

There are some features which modern drivers have almost come to expect from their vehicles, such as hill start assist, traction control and an anti-lock braking system, all of which contribute to the comfort and ease experienced when driving these reassuringly sturdy vans. There are also some more cutting-edge characteristics such as electronic brake-force distribution (EBD) which varies the degree of force applied to each brake according to road conditions to ensure that you are getting maximum stopping power without sacrificing control of the Vivaro. EBD is ideal for vans of this type which can carry significant loads as this system means that your weight will be taken into account when you brake. Whether you are driving on winding roads or multi-lane motorways, knowing that you are as safe as possible is hugely reassuring.

The versatile Vivaro

There are a number of options which will allow you to choose a Vivaro which really meets your needs, whether you want a single or double cab, a long or short wheelbase and with whatever configuration of doors and seats suits you best. Whether you are expecting to carry heavy loads or transport people about, you can choose an option which will give you the interior space you need, including seating for up to nine passengers which can be folded or removed in order to provide you with the most useful space to you at any given moment. Whether you want a glazed door or a solid one, seating or storage space or any other permutation of interior design, you can have your ideal vehicle when you choose a Vivaro.