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Rare Alfa Romeo at Tokyo Motor Show

You just never know what you’re going to find in the back halls or outdoor pavilions of a major international auto show.

Case in point; while taking a stroll outdoors at the Tokyo Motor Show, we wandered into the back lot’s series of commercial equipment displays. Among the collection of Japanese cherry pickers, tiny dump trucks, and rescue equipment, we happened upon one very fine example of a very rare Alfa Romeo.

Of a total production run of less than 1,000 cars, at least one of these rare Alfa Romeo SZ coupes made its way to Japan. More specifically, an example of the Zagato bodied Alfa made its way to the display stand of Japanese heavy equipment manufacturer Kyokuto.

While we were unable to find out any of the specifics related to the owner or purpose (other than eye candy) of the SZ on display, we were able to take some photos so all could enjoy one more mystery of Tokyo.