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Future Alfa Romeos to get RWD

If Alfa Romeo is serious about competing with Germany’s premium labels it will eventually have to drop its FWD only lineup. Latest reports claim that is exactly what’s going to happen over the next couple of years as Alfa updates its lineup and prepares for its re-launch in North America.

The news comes from an Alfa factory manager who told the guys at AutoWeek that Alfa’s future lineup would include more RWD cars. Next year will see the launch of the first RWD Alfa since the early 1990s’ 75 sedan and Spider in the form of the all-new 8C Competizione sports coupe.

The 8C is only the start of a new era for Alfa, revealed marketing manager Renzo Barbirato. The 169 flagship sedan that’s expected to bow in towards the end of 2009 will also be RWD as will Alfa’s other models. The only car that won’t be RWD is the entry-level Junior hatch, which will remain FWD because of cost limitation, explained Barbirato.

Another avenue Alfa is exploring is the introduction of high-performance AWD models. The first of these will likely be the new GTA 159 sedan, which has recently been spotted circling the Nurburgring.