Mini-Crossover on Road to Success: New Opel Adam Rocks [VIDEO]

2015 Opel Adam Rocks Front AngleThe ADAM family is growing: as an adventure-loving open-air car, a stylish trendsetter and an individualization champion, the new Opel ADAM ROCKS plays many roles perfectly. And as a three-door, 3.75-meter long urban pocket-crossover, it also opens up a new market niche. Opel designers have developed new design elements, décors and seating trims all unique to ADAM ROCKS which, together with the Swing Top canvas roof fitted as standard, give it its very own chic charm. The latest member of Opel’s urban lifestyle family is also powered by an all-new 1.0 ECOTEC Direct Injection Turbo engine. This high-tech, pocket powerhouse already complies with tough Euro 6 emissions standards and raises the bar for three-cylinder engine refinement with exceptionally low noise and vibration, as well as superb comfort. Opel’s advanced IntelliLink infotainment system with its fast, user-friendly operation integrates smartphones into ROCKS’ cockpit at a very affordable price. From late September, ADAM ROCKS goes on sale at dealerships from 15,990 euros (RRP incl. VAT in Germany).

“Customers will be thrilled with the ROCKS combination of open-air driving fun, state-of-the-art connectivity and a lively new engine,” says Peter Christian Küspert, Opel Board Member for Sales. “ROCKS also shares the ADAM family’s huge personalization potential, which means almost every example of this urban crossover will be unique. ADAM ROCKS drivers will hardly ever see another model on the road that looks exactly like theirs.”

Stylish interior and affordable IntelliLink system

ADAM ROCKS stands for pure adventure inside and out. Protective, anthracite-colored body cladding enhances its tough, muscular look. Silver skid plates front and rear, and a bold chrome exhaust fitted as standard complete its exterior design highlights. ROCKS also offers new body paints, such as vibrant yellow “Goldbusters”, and a wide range of roof design options. To further individualize the cabin, new colors, door trim options and décor elements unique to Opel’s mini urban trailblazer are available. So in terms of customization potential, ADAM ROCKS is on a par with its stable-mates.

With its Swing Top canvas roof, ADAM ROCKS offers easy access to open-air driving fun whenever and wherever the driver feels like it. The roof folds back neatly on to the C-pillars in just five seconds – and can, of course, be opened or closed while the car is moving (at speeds up to 140 km/h). The entire roof module is acoustically tuned for good noise insulation inside the cabin and the robust, three-layer fabric has a neoprene center sandwich for weatherproofing and durability.

ADAM ROCKS also features Opel‘s award-winning IntelliLink infotainment system with all its multi-media connectivity options and apps. It allows the seamless integration of ANDROID as well as Apple iOS smartphone functionalities inside the car. This ensures drivers never lose contact with what’s going on around them, while allowing them to make phone calls or choose favorite music tracks or, using SIRI EYES FREE voice control, to hear an incoming SMS read aloud or dictate an SMS and emails – all while keeping their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road. When ADAM ROCKS is stationary, photo galleries or videos can be viewed on the 7-inch high-definition color touch-screen. IntelliLink is not only safe and easy to operate, it is also extremely affordable, making ROCKS the best connected small car on the market, just like its ADAM stable-mates. It’s a talent recently underlined by ADAM winning the “Connected Car Award” from German trade journals Auto Bild and Computer Bild.

All-new 1.0 ECOTEC Direct Injection Turbo with 90 and 115 hp

The Opel ADAM ROCKS showcases the arrival of an all-new development under its hood. In addition to familiar naturally-aspirated, 1.2 and 1.4-liter gasoline engines delivering 51 kW/70 hp to 74 kW/100 hp, Opel is offering its all-new 1.0 ECOTEC Direct Injection Turbo for the first time. This all-aluminum three-cylinder unit delivers 66 kW/90 hp, while a top-of-the-line version reaches 85 kW/115 hp. The four-cylinder engines are mated to a five-speed transmission and both 1.0-liter Turbo units come with a new compact and lightweight six-speed manual gearbox. This gives ADAM ROCKS a comfortable, superbly smooth and fast shift operation.

Maximum speed is 180 km/h (66 kW/90 hp) and 196 km/h (85 kW/115 hp), and the sprint from zero to 100 km/h takes just 11.9 and 9.9 seconds respectively. Both versions deliver strong, low-end torque of 170 Nm from just 1,800 rpm.

The all-aluminum engine features state-of-the-art technologies such as high-pressure direct fuel injection, continuously variable valve timing, a switchable water pump, a cylinder-head integrated exhaust manifold and a single scroll turbocharger. Despite its fiery performance, the 1.0 ECOTEC Direct Injection Turbo consumes just 4.5 liters (66 kW/90 hp) and 5.1 liters (85 kW/115 hp) of fuel per 100 km over the combined cycle, not least thanks to Start/Stop fitted as standard (according to Regulation [EC] no. 715/2007).

ADAM ROCKS’ suspension system – McPherson struts on a sub-frame up front and a torsion beam at rear – has been modified to suit its wider range of use. The car’s off-road character is emphasized by a 15-mm increase in ride height compared to ADAM with identical 17-inch wheels, giving Opel’s mini crossover SUV-like ground clearance of around 14 centimeters. Chassis components modified or re-tuned include the dampers, springs, rear suspension geometry and steering. ADAM ROCKS’ rugged good looks are enhanced by wide front and rear tracks (1,472 and 1,464 mm respectively) which, combined with a 2,311 mm long wheelbase, also ensure a high level of driving stability and comfort.

Opel Adam Rocks 2015

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Opel Adam Rocks 2015

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