Kelleners Sport BMW 3-Series F30

Kelleners Sport BMW 3-Series F30

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Kelleners Sport BMW 3-Series F30

With a history stretching back over more than 25 years, Kelleners Sport has great experience in modifying BMW automobiles. The company created an extensive range of tuning products for the first 3-Series. Hence, it is both an obligation and an ambition to develop a comprehensive Sports Package for the new model (F30). 

Performance increases are available for all diesel and petrol engines. For example, Kelleners Sport offers a performance kit for the 320d, which increases power output from 135 kW (184 hp) to 160 kW (218 hp). At the same time, maximum torque climbs from 380 to 435 Nm. In the case of the petrol engine of the 328i, power rises from 180 kW (245 PS) to 216 kW (294 PS) and max. torque from 350 to 420 Nm. The result is a significant improvement in power delivery and a higher top speed for both cars. 

The Sports Package also represents a significant improvement. Consisting of a front spoiler lip, a rear skirt extension and a trunk spoiler, these discreet add-on parts provide evidence of the tasteful styling skills of the Kelleners Sport designers. Technically advanced are the sports spring set, which lowers the car by 30 mm and improves the handling, and the Kelleners Sport coilover suspension system that, besides lowering the car by up to 60 mm, guarantees a significant improvement in performance. The four-pipe exhaust system is available for both diesel and petrol models and offers not only an elegant, sporting look but also a sonorous exhaust sound. 

Particularly eye-catching are the 19 or 20” titanium grey light-alloy wheels of the ‘Hamburg’ design line, which come in nine different colours, and the ‘Berlin’ wheels, also in polished matt titanium grey. Both wheels were designed to harmonise with the current BMW styling and thus fit perfectly with the overall design of the sporting BMW sedan.  

If required, customers can order a full-leather interior including carbon and wood in all the right places. With a choice of over 60 different colours, the leather options range from soft to exclusive, from Napa to ostrich leather, and mean that, when it comes to interior modifications, there is almost no limit to the spectrum of customer wishes that Kelleners Sport can fulfil. Rounding off the range of products for the interior are a set of aluminium pedals and velour floor mats.

All parts and accessories for the new BMW 3-Series (F30) by Kelleners Sport are also available individually. In the case of orders for a complete car, customers have free choice of interior colour. The delivery time is approximately four months.