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Injector Tuning for the Volkswagen Amarok by DTE-Systems

2015 DTE-Systems Volkswagen Amarok Front AngleWith 180 hp and 400 Nm of torque in showroom stock tune, the VW Amarok is not exactly underpowered. However, at DTE-Systems we knew from the beginning that there was more to come!

When you take into account that with full equipment like leather, heated seats, automatic climate control and so on, the Amarok can so easily pile on the pounds. To counter this, DTE Systems developed the PDI10 power module to increase the engine output of the VW pickup to 210 hp with 460 Nm of torque.

Keyfacts DTE performance module PDI10:

  • – Power: 210 hp (+30 hp)
  • – Torque: 460 Nm (+60 Nm)
  • – Up to 15% fuel saving
  • – Certificate of conformity included
  • – Comprehensive warranty

As used here, the newly developed DTE Injector Tuning significantly increases the engine’s efficiency, which means more thrust with potentially less fuel consumption! You could also say maximum performance with minimal downside.

2015 DTE-Systems Volkswagen Amarok Rear

DTE-Systems always ensures that engine durability and reliability remains a top priority, so all the thermal protection functions of the TDI engine remain in place, and the legally prescribed emission values are unaffected. At the same time, production tolerances are taken into account and are compensated for to achieve optimal results.

The DTE Injector Tuning for the Amarok and many other VAG models comes with vehicle-specific performance mapping and the appropriate adapter cables to link the module between the vehicle and its ECU.

The PDI10 performance module for the Amarok can also be combined with the DTE Systems PedalBox conversion, which largely eliminates the built-in lag in the electronic drive-by-wire throttle linking the accelerator pedal and the engine. This ensures that the driver decides exactly how much fuel is dispensed to the engine, and when.

2015 DTE-Systems Volkswagen Amarok

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2015 DTE-Systems Volkswagen Amarok

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