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Citroën bids farewell to the Grand C4 SpaceTourer after almost 30 years setting the benchmark for MPVs

Citroën has announced that Grand C4 SpaceTourer will end production in July this year. Changing customer habits and the expansion of the Citroën range to include New C5 Aircross and New C5 X mean that the Grand C4 SpaceTourer is bowing out. New C5 Aircross offers all of the space, modularity and versatility of an MPV with an elevated driving position while New C5 X is an affordable family car offering unrivalled comfort with both models available with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. Those looking to seat up to nine passengers, or with a large family, can opt for the fully electric ë-Berlingo or ë-SpaceTourer models.

Citroën is renowned for developing innovative and versatile cars and it was no different in the Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) segment. For 30 years Citroën has sold almost 4.5 million MPVs around the world. Beginning with the Citroën Evasion in 1994 and followed by the larger C8 in 2002, Citroën has consistently delivered innovation, versatility and comfort to MPV owners. It was the Xsara Picasso that further shifted the boundaries of the MPV segment with its completely new design, exceptional comfort, and modularity with three equally accommodating back seats – a revolution in the segment. Introduced in 1999 and discontinued in 2012, Xsara Picasso sold more than 1.76m units worldwide.

In 2006, C4 Picasso and Grand C4 Picasso were added to the range. Available in 5 and 7 seat variants, C4 and Grand C4 Picasso were full of innovative modular components and technology including a refrigerated central console, the biggest boot in the segment, air suspension and quad-zone air conditioning. Customers loved the C4 Picasso with 891,000 units sold by 2013. The smaller entry-level C3 Picasso joined the range in 2009 and sold over 650,000 units before being discontinued in 2019.

Launched in 2014, Grand C4 SpaceTourer offered customers an attractive and modern design and has earned a reputation for its unrivalled comfort, internal versatility and space, as well as its exemplary modularity and light cabin thanks to the long windscreen and panoramic glass roof. Its popularity is demonstrated by the number of orders due to be fulfilled before the end of production in July.

Alongside the fully electric ë-Berlingo and ë-SpaceTourer, there are several models in the Citroën range that offer owners similar levels of comfort, modularity and versatility.

New C5 Aircross has inherited the values of comfort, spaciousness and modularity from the Grand C4 SpaceTourer with a boot volume up to 1,630 litres when the three individual back seats are folded. Well-being on board is optimised thanks to suspension with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions and its Citroën Advanced Comfort® seats made with an additional layer of 15 mm-thick high-density foam for added support and comfort. New C5 Aircross also features the latest driver aid and safety technologies, including; Highway Driver Assist and Active Safety Brake.

Updated for 2022, New C5 Aircross features a new end, a three-dimensional rear light signature, new 18-inch diamond wheel rims, and a new and more elegant personalisation offer. Inside, the new design of the 10-inch touch screen and central console gives the interior space even more character. New C5 Aircross is available as an ultra-efficient Plug-In Hybrid with up to 34 miles of electric range (WLTP) or with efficient petrol or Diesel engines.

New C5 X is the most complete expression of wellbeing by Citroën. With its avant-garde, road-cruiser silhouette, the new Citroën flagship combines the elegance of a saloon, the dynamism of an estate car, and the elevated driving position of an SUV or MPV.  New C5 X is an invitation to travel in absolute comfort. The interior has been designed to make drivers and passengers feel like they’re at home in their living room – thanks to the Citroën Advanced Comfort® seats, and the serenity afforded by the meticulously-worked acoustics.

The driving comfort is amplified by Citroën’s Advanced Comfort® suspension with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions offering a ‘Magic Carpet’ ride for petrol versions and the new Citroën Active Advanced Comfort® suspension on plug-in hybrid variants. Everyday travel is made even easier thanks to cutting-edge technology such as the Extended Head-Up Display, Highway Driver Assist, and the new 12-inch HD digital screen which can be personalised and offers voice recognition. New C5 X is available as a plug-in hybrid with up to 34 miles of electric-only range (WLTP) or with efficient petrol engines,

The fully electric ë-SpaceTourer can carry up to nine people without compromising on comfort, versatility and onboard wellbeing. The electric motor gives peace of mind when driving in cities and an enjoyable driving experience linked to the smoothness and serenity of electrification.

Available in two lengths (M: 4.95 m – XL: 5.30 m), customers can choose a version of the ë-SpaceTourer that best meets their needs. ë-SpaceTourer feature a 50kWh battery and can achieve up to 143 miles from a single charge (WLTP).

By fitting the battery under the floor, all the space, modularity and practicality of the previous Diesel version has been conserved. There are lots of interior layout possibilities thanks to the individual sliding, folding and removable back seats. It is easy to change the boot volume to be able to transport nine people or to have more loading capacity at the back and an opening rear window for easy access to the boot, depending on version.

ë-Berlingo is Citroën’s leading Leisure Activity Vehicle, combining practicality and versatility. The 100% electric powertrain offers up to 173 miles of range (WLTP) and complete driving serenity. Available in two lengths, it can carry up to seven people on board with an interior volume of up to 4,000 litres and a loading length of 3.05m if necessary. With up to 26 storage compartments adding 1,050 litres of space, and Citroën’s innovative Modutop® multi-purpose roof which offers 92 litres of storage space, ë-Berlingo is one of the most versatile vehicles on sale today.

Owners of any electrified Citroën, including the ë-Berlingo, benefit from the MyCitroën App that allows instant access to the remaining range and current charge status, schedule future charging and to pre-condition the car.

Owners can find out more about the Citroën range online. All models are available to buy online via the Citroën Store which allows customers to configure their vehicle, select the finance package that best suits them, agree a part-exchange valuation and order their vehicle from the comfort of their own home.