DMC + LP720 + Roadster = ?

2014 DMC Lamborghini Aventador LP720 Roadster Front Angle

If there is one unified question that has been asked since the unveiling of the LP720, it’s got to be “Why doesn’t this bull come with a wing?”. Surprisingly the car is delivered with a stunning body, that just screams for a spoiler as we had earlier seen it on the “J” or the “Veneno”.… Continue reading

The New Zaragoza Front Spoiler for the Lamborghini Aventador-V

2014 Vorsteiner Lamborghini Aventador-V Front

For the last few months, we have been working on the newest addition to the Aventador-V program, the Zaragoza front spoiler. The new front spoiler was a particularly difficult feat of ingenuity, artistry, and craftsmanship as it is constructed to fit with the existing OE front bumper in a single piece of carbon fiber.… Continue reading

2014 SR Auto Lamborghini Aventador

2014 SR Auto Lamborghini Aventador Front Angle

SR Auto Lamborghini Aventador We couldn’t wait a day longer to debut this magnificent Lamborghini Aventador project that we have been working on. Without further adieu, we would like to present you with the best Vancouver has ever seen. Fitted with the full PUR package, the Aventador is dressed head to toe in the best there is to offer.… Continue reading

AVENTADOR with SPECIAL foil wrapping by PRINT TECH

Car foiling offers all in all only advantages. First of all, the major customer’s desire is to reach unlimited individuality as in partial, so also in full car foiling, especially in case of exclusive vehicles. The second position takes the protection of the original paint in case of further reselling, because any wrapping can be removed without trace in case of necessity.… Continue reading

The one to rule them all: DMC Aventador Roadster SV

DMC has quickly become one of the most famous Lamborghini tuners on the market these days, their initial MV or Molto Veloce kit for the V12 flagship Aventador has been installed nearly 50 times already and the next evolution called Spezial Version … or SV was a limited production version that would only be made 10 times … and a Lamborghini Aventador owner just couldn’t order this latter kit like that.

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ZESAD VENTO GT3 – Lamborghini Aventador


The new ZESAD VENTO GT3 will be unveiled to the public shortly. The new Lamborghini race car will presented during a by-invitation-only event, applications are now accepted. The car, which will be based on the production Lamborghini Aventador model, is equipped with a set of aerodynamic components. Most significant among them will be the new powerful aero-hood which accelerates the wind-supply directly to the bull’s engine room, but also the diffusers and wing spoiler will be ground-breaking.… Continue reading