Rinspeed microMAX – the networked swarm car

Rinspeed microMAX

At the very latest ever since the publication of Frank Schätzing’s novel “The Swarm”, everyone knows of the potential power of intelligent collectives – much more powerful than merely the sum of all its individuals. With “microMAX” Frank M. Rinderknecht, boss of Swiss creative powerhouse Rinspeed, transfers the idea of swarm intelligence to urban traffic and sets out to do nothing less than to revolutionize it.… Continue reading

Rinspeed expands capacity with Smart ForTwo-based Dock+Go mobility concept

Carmakers are constantly coming up with new innovations to advance the automobile. But, let’s face it: most of them are rather evolutionary, rather than revolutionary. That’s why, every once in a while, the auto industry needs some creative out-of-the-box thinking. And that’s where Frank M. Rinderknecht comes in.

The brain behind Rinspeed never fails to raise some eyebrows with his innovative twists on the automobile which he invariably unveils at the annual Geneva Motor Show.… Continue reading

The Girls of Geneva 2007

Auto shows give carmakers the opportunity to present the public with their finest models, flaunting their sumptuous lines and pretty faces. (Sometimes they also display a few cars, too.) In this regard some shows are better than others, but this year in Geneva – sounding as it does like an anagram of a female body part (Mulva?) – we feasted our eyes on some of the most jaw-droppingly, show-stoppingly gorgeous models of any show in recent memory.… Continue reading

Geneva Motor Show: It’s a matte world

This year’s Geneva Motor Show brought even more matte finish to the party and after discussing the trend with a few of our colleagues, we determined that the bubble is reaching critical mass and will soon burst in a pseudo-rat rod colored explosion.

Several examples were available to prove our point, but the three that caught the attention of our shutter finger include the display of the above Phantom in all its anti-blingerific glory, before it left the Rinspeed crew for a customer somewhere in the Middle East.… Continue reading