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ZEEKR confirms arrival in Europe in 2023 as key step to global expansion

Global electric mobility technology brand ZEEKR (Zikr) announced at the 2023 Shanghai Motor Show that it will introduce its cutting-edge intelligent luxury EVs to Europe as part of the brand’s mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility. Launching in this key region marks an important milestone in the brand’s ambitious global growth strategy.

The first models for Europe are the flagship ZEEKR 001 luxury shooting brake, which will deliver a range of around 600 km (subject to WLTP homologation), and the ZEEKR X urban SUV. They will debut in Sweden and the Netherlands in late 2023 with other countries and models coming soon after.

Built on the EV-focused SEA architecture, the ZEEKR 001 and ZEEKR X will offer customers in Europe an unrivaled balance of design, technology, driving dynamics, performance and safety, together with long range and fast charging.

ZEEKR vehicles are created around a human-centric philosophy which ensures that every element of the vehicle is carefully considered, aiming to enhance and enrich the driving experience. At the same time, advanced connectivity – including over-the-air software updates –  ensures that the vehicles can adapt to the evolving needs of consumers over time.

The ZEEKR 001 and ZEEKR X were developed with these requirements in mind from the very beginning at ZEEKR’s Global Design and R&D centers in Gothenburg, Sweden. ZEEKR’s European team, composed of more than 1,500 engineers and designers, are already in place and have produced several successful models for the Geely Group. Their long-standing experience is a core advantage for ZEEKR’s successful entry into Europe.

ZEEKR’s Global CEO Andy AN said: “It’s been just two years since we revealed our first state-of-the-art electric vehicle – the ZEEKR 001. The response from customers to our brand has been incredible with over 93,000 units sold already. Our range has grown with the addition of the ZEEKR 009 and now with ZEEKR X, further unlocking our growth potential. After the last round of A-Series funding, which raised $750 million, ZEEKR was valued at $13 billion, and building on that success, we are excited to launch our brand in Europe as a key step in our global strategy.”

ZEEKR’s European Headquarters will be located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and will be home to a leadership team who have held senior roles at other premium and luxury vehicle manufacturers.

Spiros Fotinos, CEO for ZEEKR Europe, said: “European consumers are increasingly ready to make the shift to EVs and are more open than ever to new technology brands – especially ones purely focused on electric vehicles. With the resources, knowledge and experience we’ve got behind us, ZEEKR is well positioned to offer world-class EVs, innovative services and an exceptional experience that will make the transition to electric easier than ever, allowing us to contribute to a more sustainable future.”

ZEEKR has deeply studied and understood the needs of European luxury consumers who are ready to make the switch to EV as well as the pain points of existing EV customers. Their anxiety around charging, range, reliability, and residual values will be addressed through a unique one stop shop approach covering a 360-degree combination of services, including, among others, financing, insurance, charging, and connectivity solutions.

ZEEKR also places a very high emphasis on vehicle quality. This is ensured by the exacting standards to which every vehicle is built in ZEEKR Intelligent factories. Thanks to the state-of-the-art 5G+ control system which runs the entire manufacturing process, and AI technology, even minor defects or deviations can be quickly spotted and corrected, ensuring a high-quality product.

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