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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brightens Blue Monday with ‘electric sunshine’

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brightens the most depressing day of the year, Blue Monday, with ‘electric sunshine’ on the big screen, using SAD lamp technology, at Sutton Walk bridge, near to Waterloo Station.

As Brits return from the festive period to the humdrum routine of commuting and everyday life, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has been working to spread ‘electric sunshine’, illuminating an otherwise overcast Blue Monday. 

Positioned at Sutton Walk bridge, near Waterloo Station, between 8am – 6pm, the billboard is the first of its kind. Employing the same technology used in standard SAD lamps, but on a larger scale, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has collaborated with a team of talented designers and engineers to create a giant electric sun lamp to uplift commuters and passers-by. 

Laura Bignall, Brand and Performance Marketing Manager, at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, said: We’re likely all too familiar with the challenges surrounding the New Year, with Blue Monday often considered particularly trying. This is why we wanted to brighten the days of those passing-by with our SAD lamp installation and all-electric ID. Buzz – whose smile is infectious!

SAD lamps can be used to help individuals with (winter-onset) Seasonal Affective Disorder – a type of depression that occurs primarily during the winter and is exacerbated by the reduced levels of daylight – by replicating sunlight.

The billboard is powered by 100% renewable energy from Green Voltage UK: using light therapy to mimic sunlight, the technology is designed to radiate positivity, giving passers-by the opportunity to pause and recharge under the light of the ‘electric’ sun.  

All of this is inspired by Volkswagen’s new and all-electric ID. Buzz, which was launched at the start of December and is available currently as a five-seat people-carrier and Cargo van. It brings with it an endearing charm, combining retro accents and paying homage to its heritage in the sunny Sixties. With impressive green credentials and futuristic technology, the character of the vehicle is shaped by LED matrix headlamps that resemble the ID. Buzz’s ‘eyes’ and appear to light up as a driver approaches the vehicle. Its iconic design and interactive touches make the ID. Buzz a source of positive energy, ready to make you smile, even on Blue Monday!

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