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The New 2022 Range Rover to Receive an Enhanced Taillight from Glohh

Glohh teases potential OLED taillight solution GF-1 following last week’s worldwide premiere of the new 2022 Range Rover model.

Reception of the 2022 Range Rover identified potential to create a lighting system befitting the expectations associated with a modern luxury vehicle. The concept light signature is designed to deliver a symmetrical impression of light by implementing a horizontal light strip across the entire length of the tailgate, creating a clear design structure and an unmistakable road presence. This vision is born from enhancing Range Rover’s personalised experience with the Glohh design philosophy of uniqueness and safety, appealing to the truly luxurious individual.

Expanding on the “hidden until lit” design philosophy presented by Range Rover, Glohh is implementing new OLED technology to create a blank canvas, allowing them not only to offer the classic signal functions, but create a personalised experience that resonates with the senses. With the introduction of a Mood Matrix System (MMS), a user-defined display that allows you to change the identity of the GF-1 rear light at will, customer’s will be given the choice of three light signatures, each revitalising the rear view of the Range Rover with a unique design depth reflecting the contemporary impression exhibited by the vehicle’s front.

Technology used to shape the striking visual appearance of the concept light signature shines new light on opportunities for enhanced safety, a core value of automotive lighting. Considering the importance of being seen and understood on the road, Glohh aims to improve safety through adjustable OLED segments individually controlled to develop diverse levels of brightness. These segments reduce back glare by automatically adjusting the brightness to provide the most optically satisfying contrast dependent on the distance of the following vehicle.

“As a long-time admirer of Range Rover, I have a great amount of respect for the new design philosophy. Light has always been a medium of external communication and interaction; our mission is to bring this to life on a vehicle praised for its distinct identity.” Says Dr. Faheem Rafiq, lead designer at Glohh. “Identity needs to be presented through modern lighting systems, and in this case, there was an opportunity to enhance the existing minimalist design with a more alive and eye-catching expression, in true Glohh fashion”.

This concept is still in the early stages of design and may evolve based on the sales and performance of the 2022 Range Rover internationally and will be evaluated towards the final quarter of 2023. However, the Range Rover’s predecessor (2012 – 2021) will see a Glohh taillight in the form of the highly anticipated GL-6, set to release during 2022.