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Porsche Panamera Interior Spied

We have had several instances of Porsche Panamera spy photos emerging, but they were all of the car’s exterior. Up until now, that is.

Three down-and-dirty interior pics reveal some detail about the potential features on the Panamera. A typical Porsche instrument cluster with five gauges takes shape behind the steering wheel. In the middle is a cluster which includes a temperature gauge and a medium-sized digital display. Inside what looks like an analog spedometer appears to be a smaller digital display, but that may be a bad reflection off the glass. However, since no HVAC vents can be made out on the dash, we are speculating that the interior is still in prototype stage.

On the left side of the giant LCD screen appears to be the bluetooth mobile phone keypad found on the 911 GT2. Also similar to the 911 dash are the 19 buttons around the right side and underneath the LCD. Along with the two knobs, this will likely control all the various aspects of the sound and sat-nav systems.

Things begin to look a little more clandestine underneath the LCD screen button cluster. First, below the yellow tape, are two blurry looking round items, possibly touch controls. One thought is that these touch pads may be a Porsche equivalent to BMW’s iDrive. But with the diffuse blue and red lights matching the shape of the ridges on the controls, there is a high likelihood this is part of the climate control system. Support for this is the rectangular-shaped bit in the middle of the pads. On first glance it almost looks like it could be some sort of iPod dock, but the shape very closely matches the climate control display below the LCD screen on the 911. There is still the possibility this section is connected to the LCD screen or the sat-nav, but since that area already has more than 20 inputs, we find that unlikely.

There is a column of buttons on either side of the gear shifter as well. Completely symmetrical to each other, there is a good chance that one half of these controls will be removed, depending on if a right-side or left-side driving car is purchased. There is also a possibility that these buttons control either the windows, seat heaters, or seat position.

Behind the gear shifter are a dial, red push button/dial, and a red button mounted in a box and attached to a cord. While the first may handle an iDrive type of system as well, it looks more likely that these are all testing controls meant only for the prototype.

Code named “G 1”, the Porsche Panamera front engine, rear-wheel drive should begin production in early 2009. All wheel drive is expected to be available on the car. The 4.8 Litre V8 should get 400 horsepower, while a Panamera Turbo should see 520 horsepower. A hybrid version may also be released in 2011. Roughly 20,000 should be produced per year. Expected cost is between 80,000 and 125,000 Euros.