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Optimise the range of your fully electric Volvo with new Range Assistant app in latest over-the-air update

Drivers of the fully electric Volvo XC40 Recharge can soon optimise the driving range of their car even further, thanks to a new Range Assistant in-car app that is released in a beta version as part of the latest over-the-air software update for Volvo cars with an infotainment system powered by Android Automotive OS.

With this latest over-the-air update, drivers of fully electric Volvo cars can also expect increased range thanks to improvements in smart battery management and regeneration performance, as well as a smarter timer to pre-condition the batteries.

The Range Assistant app, a perfect example of Volvo Cars’ strategy of bringing software development increasingly in-house, helps drivers keep track of the available range of their pure electric Volvo car and optimise it through smart energy management and advice on driving style from an efficiency perspective.

With the app, embedded seamlessly in the Android-powered infotainment system, drivers of fully electric Volvo cars get a clear and accurate indication of the estimated remaining driving range and real-time energy consumption. It also helps them understand the key factors that affect their driving range.

A range optimiser functionality in the app can adjust the climate system automatically to improve driving range, a feature that will be especially helpful on longer trips because it reduces the need for charging stops.

Volvo Cars plans to continue the development of the app on the path to full release and introduce additional features, such as coaching of drivers with smart and easy-to-follow recommendations on how to adjust their driving style and speed to maximise the car’s range.

The app will be made available via the latest over-the-air software update to XC40 Recharge drivers and will be installed from production start on the C40 Recharge.

“Through in-house development of software and over-the-air updates, we can constantly improve our cars and make sure that your electric Volvo stays fresh,” said Sanela Ibrovic, Head of Connected Experience at Volvo Cars. “The Range Assistant app is a great example of how quick development and deployment of new features can improve the Volvo customer experience every day.”

Volvo Cars has been offering over-the-air updates since the beginning of this year, and the updates will soon become available in more Volvo models and markets, making the company an industry leader in the field. They are easy and convenient for customers, allowing them to keep their cars up-to-date without having to visit a workshop.

Other features and updates in the latest software release include further improvements to the safety systems, new information about cold climate impact on battery range, and various bug fixes.

Drivers will now see software version information in their car’s centre display, and will also be notified via the Volvo Cars app of a planned software update and can follow the progress of the downloading and installation process through app notifications.

The roll-out of this latest software update is planned to start immediately, with all applicable models expected to be updated by the end of October.

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