Novitec Fiat Grande Punto X-One

Based on Fiat Grande Punto

The Novitec Fiat Grande Punto X-One is the latest addition to the Novitec X-Treme family. The Grande Punto X-One is the successor of last year’s Grande Punto Sport, featuring an even more visual extravaganza of body panels than before. Of course the Novitec Punto II X-One is even more extreme with its 1.8 liter HGT petrol engine producing some 204 hp (add some NOS and hp output spikes to 312), but this new racer from Turin definitely charms or dazzles bystanders with its extraordinary aesthetics.

The aggressive X-One kit consists of a new front bumper with cup-spoiler, engine bonnet, side panels, roof spoiler, roof air intake and a rear bumper with diffuser. Additionally, Novitec added a 2-piece radiator grill and headlight masks, while the adjustable stainless steel sports suspension lowers the car by 35mm up to 75mm. Throw some matte black 18 inch N8 rims with 215/35R18 tyres into the mix for optimal grip on the road.

The 1.9 JTD diesel engine, with the Novitec Powerrail 4 control unit, is capable of producing 118kW / 160 hp (identical to the Powerrail 3 unit in the Grande Punto Sport). Novitec have been kind enough to make sure that the engine sounds as good as it performs with a stainless steel rear silencer with double 2x90mm tips on the left and right.


engine: NOVITEC Powerrail 4 control unit, air filter


118 kw / 160 hp


1.910 cm


328 NM at 1.950 rpm

acceleration 0-100 km/h:

8,6 sec.


210 km/h


  • NOVITEC X-one front bumper
  • X-one cup spoiler
  • two-pieces cooler grill
  • X-one side panels
  • X-one roof spoiler
  • X-one roof air intake
  • X-one rear bumper
  • X-one rear skirt
  • X-one engine hood

exhaust: NOVITEC stainless steel rear silencer with 2×90 mm outlets left and right side

wheels: set of wheels/tyres NOVITEC type N8 matt black7,5x18J ET35 with 215/35 R18

sports suspension: NOVITEC stainless steel sports suspension, adjustable in height, lowering about 35mm up to 75mm


  • NOVITEC aluminium pedal set 3-parts
  • NOVITEC floor mats in black with red NOVITEC logo