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More details on BMW’s future 4×4 lineup

After the information about new BMW 635d Sport, here is another great news.
BMW appears to be angling to become a truckmaker. Okay, crossovers, not trucks. Whatever you want to call the tall, heavy wagons, that’s your business. Within the next five years, BMW’s planning on adding three new truck-type things to their lineup. The X6 will arrive next year, followed by the 4×4 version of the MINI in 2009, and the also-small X1 in 2010. The MINI 4×4 will run a Getrag-developed AWD system, and we’d expect the X1 to use the basic component set of the forthcoming 1-series. The Concept CS is also headed for production, and it will be positioned above the 7-series sedan carrying 8 and 12 cylinder powerplants. Imagine that, instead of the 7-series heading up the Ultimate Driving Machine lineup, there’d be a long-hooded GT-looker with a fastback roofline. Even the news that BMW is following the money into SUVs and committing bigtime with multiple new models, it could be worse. The X5 is handsome, and that general motif is present on the X6, and we’d expect it to scale down to the X1 decently, leaving only the hideous X3 as a pimple on the face of BMW’s SAVs.