Mercedes-Benz vans

Mercedes-Benz is one of the van industry’s leading manufacturers, commanding a healthy share of the market across its van range. An estimated 8,000 Vitos were registered in the UK during 2007, giving Mercedes a 10.7 per cent share of the UK’s medium-van market.

Duncan Ward, head of commercial vehicle sales at auction company BCA, said: “The Mercedes Sprinter and Vito are both popular because of their high build quality and reliability with rock solid residuals as an added bonus.”

Mercedes began initially manufacturing vans during the mid 1950s with the Mercedes Benz L 139 being the first vehicle to be neither derived from a passenger vehicle or a truck.

Powered by a 32 kw four cylinder diesel engine, the L 139 was manufactured from 1956 onwards and aimed at drivers who were looking for a vehicle capable of distributing over short-term distances.

Since then, over 4.5 million Mercedes-Benz vans have been built with the Sprinter proving to be the most popular model, having sold an estimated 1.3 million.

In that time the Mercedes van has gone through various guises such as the Dusseldorfer and the Bremer made during the 60s and 70s to the Sprinter and Vito of the present day.

The Mercedes Vito offers superb performance and a choice of four CDI engines including the 204bhp v6 diesel Vito 120 CDI. According to the manufacturer, its latest technologies offer low running costs and high safety features as well as a choice of three body lengths to suit driver needs.

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