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Mercedes-Benz ML Wide body

Mercedes-Benz ML Wide bodyThe company German Special Customs from Chemnitz is once again presenting us with this wide body styling kit for the current generation of Mercedes-Benz ML – a handicraft masterstroke. All new bodywork parts were developed in such a way that they do not only work efficiently in an aerodynamic manner but also fit perfectly into the factory’s own design lines. In addition to a front bumper bar with integrated LED daytime running lights, the front side thus also receives a massive front spoiler lip with narrow ventilation openings for supplying the front brake system with fresh air.

For the improved ventilation of the engine, GSC endows ML also with a completely new engine hood with centrally installed air shaft. Specially manufactured mud guard extensions for the front and rear axles ensure a clearly massive and intimidating appearance. GSC developed a completely new bumper bar including diffuser for the rear side as well as integrated end-pipe covers made of the company’s own stainless steel sports exhaust system. The optical modification of ML’s body shell is rounded up by a set of carbon covers for the external mirrors.

Also worthy of mention is the fact that the GSC bodywork styling kit is suitable for all current ML models – diesel as well as gasoline engines.

Mercedes-Benz ML Wide body

To match the broad appearance, extremely massive-looking GSC light alloy wheels, 10 x 22 inches in all-round format with tires of 295/30R22 turn in the wheel houses. The air suspension kit can be lowered on demand using an electronic module.

In addition to the optical modifications on the body shell, GSC also offers a complete set of ornamental parts made of carbon fibre for the interior as well as tailor-made leather/alcantara solutions for the seats and an upgrade of the speed indicator scaling to 350 km/h.

Source: GSC