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Hyundai launches ‘Charge myHyundai’ – an integrated public electric vehicle charging service

Hyundai Motor UK has today launched Charge myHyundai – an integrated public charging service offering Hyundai electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle customers a convenient charging solution. Owners of the brand’s BEV and PHEV models will have access to the largest charging network in the UK and can enjoy a streamlined one-payment solution via a single app or single radio-frequency identification (RFID) card. The service offers transparent tariffs for all customers, designed to fit their individual charging preferences.

Charge myHyundai gives Hyundai drivers access to over 15,000 charge points across the UK. Customers will be able to use charge points from most of the main operators via a single platform, with a flexible pay-as-you-go tariff making the use of public charging more simple and convenient.

Ashley Andrew, Hyundai Motor UK’s Managing Director, commented: “We’re excited to introduce Charge myHyundai to the UK for Hyundai electric vehicle customers as we know that public charging is one of the biggest perceived barriers for EV ownership. Charge myHyundai provides a comprehensive service where customers can easily locate and access public chargers, with a simplified payment solution giving BEV & PHEV owners peace-of-mind.

“You’ll see that as we continue to launch our next generation of electric cars, like the forthcoming IONIQ 5, Charge myHyundai will be integrated into the car’s head unit making it even more convenient and seamless.” 

Charge myHyundai can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices, it enables intelligent route planning to help users find charging stations easily at their final destination or along a route. Users have real-time price information of the charging points in the app and have full price transparency of the charging service. The simple pay-as-you-go (PAYG) tariff gives the customer the freedom to charge whenever and wherever they need to with no monthly subscription fees (some network providers may offer a membership to access reduced tariffs).

Charge myHyundai customers can also access the public charging networks via a single RFID card. Upon registration, users will be sent an RFID card to use as a backup for areas with poor mobile phone reception.

The Charge myHyundai app brings together all relevant information, including the charging network map, tariffs, and customer’s Charge myHyundai account management. Overall, it offers easy access, a simple payment facility and a straightforward monthly bill – rather than individual bills from a multitude of public charging network providers.

Charge myHyundai can also be used in conjunction with Hyundai’s Bluelink® Connected Car Services. Bluelink connects drivers to their cars through their smartphones via the Bluelink app which enhances their driving experience and makes life on the road more comfortable, convenient and safe. For full-electric vehicle owners, this includes the ability to charge vehicles remotely, check battery status, set a charging schedule, and switch on the car’s climate control before setting off on a trip to heat or cool the interior. 

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