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Honda launches new distraction-limiting technology, HUSH

Honda launches first of its kind distraction-limiting technology, HUSH. Designed by Honda with driver comfort in mind, this ground-breaking infotainment system blocks out the most irritating sounds at the touch of a button by emitting a customisable, continuous and progressive audio. Standard options include white noise, whale song and elevator music in jazz or blues. Honda maintained the ‘man maximum, machine minimum’ design ethos when developing this technology; the principle that the space inside the vehicle should be maximised for the driver. 

Honda’s Ultra Quiet Sonic Hub, or HUSH, was built for drivers longing for some peace and quiet on their journeys with young children, partners, in-laws, and colleagues. Drivers can block out the noises made by passengers by selecting the HUSH button within the centre console.

HUSH will be rolled out as standard in all new Honda models ordered from 1 April 2023. HUSH can also be retrofitted in all vehicles built after April 2018.  

HUSH features include:

  • Detection and deflection of unwanted noises within the car – child screaming recognition as standard
  • Option to block noise from the passenger seat, the backseat, or both
  • Control over the volume of sound that reaches the driver
  • Pre-set recognition of phrases such as “you’ve missed the turn”, “I would’ve gone the other way” and “are we there yet”
  • Customisation options for specific voice recognition, such as a partner, in-law or child

Honda has developed this new technology to filter out unwanted distractions and help despairing drivers get from point A to point B with minimum stress: no grating directions or mindless screaming, just your favourite noise frequency.

Dessie Bell, Head of Sound Technology at Honda, said: “We polled thousands of drivers in the UK to understand their biggest pain points when on the road, and it all came down to distractions from within the car. While backseat drivers were the number one frustration, drivers must also contend with crying children, barking dogs, co-workers on calls – and so HUSH was created.

“Honda’s Ultra Quiet Sonic Hub is set to improve the driving experience. Whether you’re travelling across the country or driving around town, HUSH allows you to do so without in-car interference.”

This is just the beginning for HUSH, with limited-edition systems already in the pipeline for 2024, kicking off with an AI add-on to make your passengers sound like your favourite celebrity.  

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