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DS 9: The power of elegance

Following DS 7 CROSSBACK and DS 3 CROSSBACK, DS 9 is a large, stylish saloon to head up the new French premium brand’s line up. With DS 9, DS Automobiles is showcasing its expertise, design, sophistication and technology with a global vision.

With this exciting alchemy, DS 9 conveys a perfect blend of heritage, Parisian savoir-faire and cutting-edge technology.

Elegance delivered through a sleek silhouette

With a length of 4.93 metres, width of 1.9metres and large 19 inch alloy wheels, DS 9 is a striking proposition with a powerful elegance. It uses a new version of the EMP2 (Efficient Modular Platform 2) architecture with a longer wheelbase not used with a saloon car before, which benefits the rear passenger space significantly. Its design has a sleek silhouette with a steeply raked rear window in a fastback style.

DS 9 continues the DS Automobiles design language with an expressive front face featuring the DS WINGS and the design of the grille with its three-dimensional diamond effect giving character. On the bonnet there’s a ‘Clous de Paris’ sabre; the first time this DS interior signature has been used outside the cockpit.

With a nod to the original 1955 DS, DS incorporates modern ‘DS Cornets’ on the outer edges of its C pillars. Inspired by the legendary saloon, the cornets have been reformed to house brand new tail lights, signalling DS 9’s presence.

A fluid style is delivered by a contour flowing from the grille over the bonnet, windscreen and roof to the boot. The sides are smooth with a taut line that goes from the front headlights to the tail lights. This character is emphasised by the body-coloured flush fitting door handles and a one-tone black roof which bring a refined, elegant design to the car.

At the rear, this desire to integrate every feature into a single expression is also evident. The rear wings, the badge and the boot lid are linked with the same fluidity. Embedded in this, the chiselled rear lights have the effect of scales, creating a contrast to give a dramatic three-dimensional effect. They are underlined by lateral sabres, paying tribute to the design elements of the great French coachbuilders of the 1930s. The elegantly thin third brake light helps make the rear appear wider and extends the visual effect of the rear window.

E-TENSE: the power and comfort of hybrid up to 360 horsepower

DS 9 will be offered with a new E-TENSE plug-in hybrid powertrain comprising a PureTech turbocharged petrol engine with an electric motor combined to deploy 225hp and capable of going up to 33-34 miles (WLTP) in zero emissions mode courtesy of an 11.9kWh battery.

The electric motor, through an eight-speed automatic gearbox, can deploy maximum power of 80kW (110hp) and 320Nm. It is used for driving off from a standstill, boosting acceleration at any speed and for driving in zero emissions mode up to 84mph. Electric mode is always automatically selected on start-up to maximise efficiency. It is complemented by a Hybrid mode, designed to automatically control the different types of energy by driving 100% electric, 100% petrol or combining the two if the situation requires it. The car’s occupants will be mostly oblivious of this transition. An E-TENSE Sport mode gets the most out of the available power from the combined application of the combustion engine and electric motor by adjusting the mapping of the accelerator pedal, gearbox, steering and active suspension. It intensifies driver enjoyment and dynamics all with complete peace of mind.

DS 9 utilises an energy recovery system that re-charges the battery in deceleration or brake phases, amplified with an enhanced Braking function selected by pulling back the gear selector and displayed as ‘B’. In addition, an E-Save function guarantees there’s always selected levels of battery-stored energy to do chosen parts of the journey in Zero Emissions mode (one of several levels available), for example when the driver knows they will be going into LEV areas or town centres. The 7.4kW on-board charger enables the battery to be charged in 1hr 30minutes from home or public charging points using the cable supplied as standard.

A range comprising E-TENSE and petrol power

The line-up will come with two E-TENSE power units – the first with 225hp, 2-wheel drive, and the second – a 360hp with an intelligent 4-wheel drive capability.

A 225hp PureTech petrol engine model will also be available. All models are equipped with a smooth and fast-changing eight-speed automatic gearbox.

DS LOUNGE: the savoir-faire of French luxury makes travel a delightful experience

What if comfort in the back seats was the same as that in the front? With DS LOUNGE, DS Automobiles is offering first-rate expertise to ALL DS 9 occupants.

The sophistication of quality materials integrated on wide open surfaces, with a dashboard completely swathed in Nappa Leather and the watchstrap design of the seats supplements the care that’s been taken over every detail. The crystal-shaped touch-sensitive buttons, the Alcantara® that covers the roof lining and the sun visors, and hand-stitched leather door panel inserts invite you to touch and appreciate them.

With its long 2.90 metre wheelbase, DS 9 offers a huge amount of space in the back seats. Seats are heated, cooled and massaging, a first in the class. The central armrest plays a part in the overall comfort, boasting features from segments above such as leather upholstery, storage areas with built-in USB ports, controls for the massaging seats and multi-coloured welcome lighting.

DS 9 gives new meaning to individual comfort where each setting can be adjusted for enhanced delight. This special feature enables every passenger to be in charge of their own on-board comfort.

Personalise with ‘DS Inspirations’

This first-class comfort is also demonstrated through the personalisation of ‘DS Inspirations’. Each interior theme, named after famous quarters in Paris, has its own character with seats in leather or Alcantara®. The attention paid to each detail gives a wealth of possibility with the grained leather seats of DS Inspiration RIVOLI, DS Inspiration PERFORMANCE Line’s black Alcantara® and the Art Rubis Nappa leather of the DS Inspiration OPÉRA with its iconic watchstrap design. This range-topping signature is also offered with adjustable, multi-coloured ambient lighting with eight colour shades designed to give a cosy atmosphere and a steering wheel that’s completely covered in Art Rubis leather.

Attention to detail, produced by precise workmanship, is part of French savoir-faire. The crystal-shaped touch-sensitive controls, the ‘Pearl Stitching’ tastefully emphasises the seat upholstery’s watchstrap design, the trim of the dashboard and door panels are further examples of this. The controls on the centre console are finished with ‘Clous de Paris’ guillochage, the iconic signature of fine French watchmaking, reiterated by the 180O rotating B.R.M timepiece on top of the dashboard.

Comfort and enjoyment in sound

Resulting from research undertaken since the Brand’s launch, acoustic ambience is taken to a new level with a special treatment designed to suppress exterior noise. Laminated acoustic glass combines with a hard-bonded body to enhance strength, subdue noise and minimise vibrations. The environment is enhanced with a FOCAL Electra sound system, specially developed for DS 9 with the addition of new stainless-steel tweeter grilles among the fourteen speakers positioned around the cockpit.

Always with more technology

Beyond DS LOUNGE, which is already a benchmark in its class, DS 9 benefits from the latest technology, a quality of other models in the DS range:


With DS DRIVE ASSIST, DS 9 enables its driver to enjoy Level 2 semi-autonomous driving which lets you cover distances in the greatest comfort with improved levels of safety. Speed is controlled according to the surroundings of DS 9. The system uses multiple sensors to position DS 9 precisely in its lane depending on where the driver decides by it controlling the steering trajectory. Usable up to 110mph (depending on the country’s laws) it controls speed and direction, under the driver’s supervision, in order to guarantee safety and peace of mind.

Controlling the speed is done by adaptive cruise control linked to a system that controls the power. Among other things it will control driving in traffic jams: the car will restart automatically if it’s stopped for less than three seconds. If it’s stopped for longer, simply pressing a button or the accelerator pedal will restart DS 9.

The on-board DS DRIVE ASSIST camera recognises broken and continuous lines. While driving, it’s constantly analysing the situation and interpreting best actions to apply. It enables the car to stay in its lane, even in the area of the lane that the driver wants. If the driver wishes to re-take control of the steering, taking a firm hold of the steering wheel will override the system. It is also interrupted if the indicators are used, e.g. for lane changes. The system can be activated from 18mph. It is then operational up to 110mph.


With DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION, a camera scans the road, level sensors, accelerometers and drivetrain sensors record every movement and the system prepares the damping of each wheel for road imperfections in order to improve safety, serenity and provides ride comfort without equal. This 21st Century DS suspension combines the hushed comfort of a prestigious saloon with the dynamics of a Grand Touring coupé.


For parking, DS PARK PILOT will detect a parking place by passing it at speeds up to 18mph. The driver then indicates on their touchscreen that they want to park, parallel or into a bay. And there’s just one thing to do: keep the Park button pressed and wait for the technology to get to work. Acceleration, braking and steering are automatically controlled during either entry or exit of the parking place. Releasing the button halts the movement.


During long journeys, poor visibility or lack of attention are often synonymous with danger. To make driving safer DS SAFETY brings together six major functions: DS NIGHT VISION, DS DRIVER ATTENTION MONITORING, DS ACTIVE LED VISION, blind spot monitoring, automatic emergency braking and extended traffic sign recognition.


DS NIGHT VISION is exceptional at reading the road at night. Its infrared camera in the front grille detects pedestrians, cyclists and animals on the carriageway up to 100 metres ahead. The driver gets a picture in infrared on their large digital instrument display and will see danger outlined in yellow, then in red. Alerted like this, they can then react.


Through an infrared camera mounted above the steering wheel backed up by a camera at the top of the windscreen, DS DRIVER ATTENTION MONITORING continually watches the drivers eyes for signs of fatigue (blinking), their face (where they’re looking) and head movements for distraction, the trajectory of the car over lines in the road, particularly wandering or steering movements by the driver. It can detect any loss of attentiveness by an abnormality in one factor – erratic movements that aren’t in a straight line or blinking of the eyes – and will automatically sound an audible alert while a warning will appear on the central screen, day or night.


In addition to looking good, DS ACTIVE LED VISION adapts in width and range to driving conditions and the car’s speed. Five lighting modes activate automatically. Parking, Town Beam (width of the beam increases after five seconds of driving), Country Beam (focused ahead from 30mph), Motorway Beam (range increased from 68mph), Adverse Weather (the power of the modules increases and intensity of the main projectors is reduced). The “turning headlight” function and High Beam (automatic switching of road lights and sidelights) complete this feature. By lighting the road better and further ahead or with a wider light beam, the driver – and their passengers – enjoy greater safety.