German luxury refiner DMC is proud to announce a new Limited Edition project. While regular cars are often a good mix of business-opportunity and emotion , the company uses their Limited Edition series to fully play out passion factor. The “What could be possible” scenario gives DMC's engineers the freedom to create the latest high-tech, without any boundaries. Today, we are excited to tease DMC's latest research unit, dubbed the 458 Italia “ESTREMO”.

The secret automobile is ready and currently being assembled by DMC’s partner in Japan for the 1st client in Tokyo. A new front fascia showcases extreme air channels for better cooling and supports additional downforce. A modified new side-vented front hood generates lighter specs and a unique look. The side panels are redeveloped to smoothen windflow while adding an aggressive touch. The complete rear facia presents itself in extreme carbon fiber, and creates additional dowforce thanks to the massive wing spoiler, which adds to the strong design character of DMC’s kit. The total weight saving is roughly 60 KG compared with the stock car.

Source: DMC Luxury