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Dacia reveals its new eco-friendly dealership interior

Having already adopted a bold new visual identity, Dacia goes a step further and today unveils how the new interior of its dealerships will look. The simplified design is based on the principles of being functional, flexible, eco-friendly and cost effective. The showrooms are designed to be pared back, leaving only those features that are essential to the space and to the customer journey.

Key to the Dacia showroom design is its ability to change over time and adapt to any size dealership space. As such, three formats have been created to cover the main differences in terms of showroom size and the number of cars on display.

The requirement for flexibility is reflected in the furniture, which can be moved and changed easily. For the most part, the materials used for the likes of panels, rugs, flooring, lights, and paint are recycled and sustainable, all having been chosen in recognition of an ongoing concern for the environment.

The stands used for panels around the showroom are made from recycled tyres and pieced together using the brand’s emblem. True to its name, the Dacia Link serves to tie the whole design together – both physically and metaphorically.

For the first time since 2019, branded merchandise will also be available for purchase within dealerships. The relaunched collection will include items suited to outdoor adventures, such as backpacks, caps, water bottles and raincoats. Everything is eco-friendly, from how they are designed, to the way they are retailed.

What’s more, in rethinking the customer relationship, the purchasing journey both online and in the showroom has been entirely refreshed. Messaging is clear at every step of the way with readily identifiable zones and clear signage which helps direct customers exactly where to go, from the second they enter the dealership through to the final stages of aftersales care.

Orange ‘Dacia & Me’ signs provide a clear summary of the customer journey:

  •  I choose & test
  •  I adapt my financing & services
  •  I order my car & keep in touch

To further improve the customer experience, sales staff will share a screen with customers as they sit next to them, rather than opposite, which makes discussions about vehicle features easier and reinforces transparency.

Sales representatives can also use the Dacia AR augmented reality app, showing customers a vehicle that is not currently in the showroom. As such, customers can explore the vehicle in 1:1 scale, getting a close look at the finer details, and even get a feel for what it is like to sit inside. This approach represents another ingenious way that Dacia is more aligned with customers’ needs. 


  • June 2021: The new Dacia brand identity is rolled out across all brand websites, advertising, and brochures.
  • Early 2022: Dacia dealerships phase in the revamped exterior design, increasing brand visibility. The interior design roll-out is now taking place with bold graphic and visual elements. As with the exterior design, the new Dacia dealership interior will feature the minimalistic logotype, the new emblem that reflects the strong links in a chain with the combined ‘D’ and ‘C’ of Dacia, and the new colour palette that evokes the brand’s outdoor style.
  • The dealerships’ new interior – warmer and more inviting – is yet another part of the brand’s overall revamp, built on the values sought after by Dacia customers: simplicity, authenticity, and robustness at a fair price.
  • 16 June 2022: All new Dacia vehicles now feature the new emblem, logotype, and brand colours, with deliveries starting late 2022.

The redesign of Dacia dealership interiors marks a clear step forward towards realising the brand’s strong ambitions. There are currently two locations in France – Nanteuil Les Meaux and Reims – and a third in Pitesti, Romania, that have been entirely revamped as part of a pilot run. The full roll-out will continue in early 2023.

Thomas Brient, Dacia VP Sales and Marketing Efficiency said: “Our ambition is to quickly roll out the new brand identity across all Dacia dealerships. Our aim is to have 70% of all 2,500 primary sites completed by the end of 2023. We have already completed 700 exteriors, and numbers are rising fast. We are now going to help country networks roll out the interior revamp for the showrooms ever faster.”

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