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Crafted in Japan – the all-new Mazda CX-60 will premiere on the 8th March with a Kaichô-inspired interior

The all-new Mazda CX-60 PHEV‘s beautiful and dynamic styling is the latest development of Kodo, the Mazda design philosophy that breathes life into its cars. Beneath the toughness of the new front-engine, rear-wheel drive SUV, Kodo is combined with the Japanese concept of Ma, which is the calm and dignified beauty of empty space.

Uniquely Mazda, and rooted in the company’s Japanese heritage, the designers have crafted an elegant, high quality interior that combines both traditional methods and new technologies. The CX-60 introduces for the first time the ideas of Kaichô, the harmony which comes from mixing different materials and textures, including maple wood, nappa leather, Japanese textiles and chrome details, and Musubu, the uniquely Japanese way of binding textiles which was the inspiration for the instrument panel stitching.

The all-new Mazda CX-60 interior will be a totally new experience for drivers and passengers. 

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