These are the watchwords for this new Carlsson performance flagship, whose powerful Bi-turbo V8 motor clearly underlines the skill of the engineers at Gut Wiesenhof.

Months of careful development and testing have resulted in the headline numbers of 700hp (515 kW) at 5,700rpm (specific output 128.2 hp/L), with 1,000 Nm of torque between 2,000 and 4,500rpm. Peak torque is electronically limited to 1,000Nm to preserve the gearbox and drivetrain. The significant increase in output requires a more efficient intercooler system to lower charge air temperatures, as well as additional water and oil coolers to mitigate the increased thermal load. The seven-speed transmission is fitted with an additional, thermostatically-controlled oil cooler.

Against the stopwatch, the Carlsson CK63 RSR reaches 100km/h from rest in just 3.9 seconds, passing 200km/h in 11.6 seconds on its way to a calculated top speed of 340 km/h.

The CK63 RSR uses a specially developed high performance stainless steel sports exhaust incorporating 200-cell metal catalytic converters to further reduce back-pressure. This exhaust system also incorporates an electronically controlled sound valve, giving the driver the choice of a near standard sound level for civilized progress through urban areas, or a full-on, snarling muscle car V8 experience at the touch of a button.

Master of Road and Track

The CK63 RSR uses Carlsson’s bespoke height adjustable coil-overs with 10-position bounce and rebound adjustment to cover road or track use. The car is normally set 30mm lower than standard for road use, and the front track has been widened by 25mm with spacers for better turn-in and stability in the bends.

Apart from giving a car its first glance eye appeal, alloy wheels also contribute to lower unsprung weight. The elegant and sporty one-piece Carlsson 1/10 alloy wheels come in a choice of 19 or 20-inch diameters to best cope with the road surfaces across different markets.

The CK63 RSR is fast and heavy, so Carlsson use 405mm diameter vented discs clamped by six-pot calipers fitted with their heavy-duty brake pads in front. The rear brakes are standard AMG, with uprated pads. Steel-braided hoses are used all round, while front brake cooling is boosted by a ram-air duct system built into the Carlsson front bumper.

The dramatic styling of this four-door Coupé is further accentuated with the Carlsson RS carbon-fibre front spoiler lip, black stainless steel mesh inserts in the intake grilles, brake cooling intakes, and rear carbon valance insert. A new feature over the RS version is the electrically retractable rear spoiler, which extends into the airflow automatically at 100km/h, with manual activation possible at any speed. Its size and angle of attack have been wind tunnel tested to reduce lift and drag in combination with the underbody rear diffuser.

Business Class Travel

The handcrafted Carlsson SIGNATURE LINE interior of the CK63 RSR is assembled from the finest leather, Alcantara, carbon-fibre and natural wood, and exemplifies the uncompromising quality of Carlsson’s in-house trim department.

This rich interior trim is a combination of Brown Alcantara and Mocha Brown Carlsson NAPPA EXCLUSIVE leather. The manufacturing processes used contribute to the look and feel of these materials. For instance, while the 1.0 to 1.4mm thick drum-pigmented leather offers the feel of fine glove leather glove, it is also particularly wear resistant.

A unique tanning process preserves the pores of the hides. This allows the material to breathe, preventing the excessive heat build-up that makes occupants uncomfortable.

Finishing touches come in the form of Carlsson interior floor mats, polished aluminium sill plates with blue illuminated Carlsson logo, and aluminium door locking pins. The three-year Carlsson warranty covers all the Carlsson components up to 100,000 kilometers.

 Source: Carlsson