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Are Cars Made In Mexico Reliable?

If you’re concerned about the reliability and quality of your next new car, you’re likely looking into a number of different factors that can influence this, including where it was assembled.  Today, a large number of automobiles are being made in Mexico. With a large number of cars being made there, should you expect less than standard reliability or quality from these vehicles? The staff at Patrick Cadillac of Schaumburg, an IL-based Cadillac dealer According to experts who analyze the reliability and quality of new cars, there is little to worry about.

Who is making cars in Mexico?

Quite a few manufacturers, and some have been doing it for a long time.  For example, Volkswagen and Nissan have spent decades building cars in Mexico.  In fact, that’s where the VW Golf is currently made. Nissan has three plants in Mexico and has been making cars there since the ‘60s.

Now, reliability leaders like Toyota and Honda are showing their faith in the quality of work coming out of Mexico as they move production of some mass-market vehicles there. The Honda Fit subcompact and related HR-V crossover are being built in Guanajuato, Mexico, while Toyota will look to build the next generation Corolla, in Mexico as well.

Free Trade

One of the main reasons that automakers are making cars in Mexico concerns free trade.  Automobiles manufactured in Mexico can be exported duty free to the main consumer markets in the world: U.S. and Canada, European Union, most South American countries, and Japan. This represents a significant cost savings and is a key driver in the equation.

Local Parts

In order to comply with rules of origin of these agreements, local sourcing of many components is part of the strategy. That means in order for the automakers to ship the cars internationally they have to utilize a substantial number of locally made parts. This leads to automakers investing in thousands of automotive suppliers in Mexico.

Inexpensive Workforce

There is no question that the cost of manpower is a significant issue too.  Labor and wages are more affordable for automobile manufacturers in Mexico. Yet the quality of the workforce has proven to be high.  In Mexico, working for an automotive manufacturer is an excellent career and the workers strive to maintain the finest quality work.

The future?

Mexico is quickly becoming a hotspot for automakers to produce their cars. Every major automaker has a plant in the country and thanks to the low wages, free-trade, dedicated workforce and the quality standards being met from these plants, it’s likely going to be that way for quite some time.

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