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All new Austral E-Tech full hybrid: Press Kit

A highly connected and innovative SUV for the modern, electrified world, the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid will play a key role in helping Renault to achieve its ambitions of re-conquering the C-segment, as part of Renault’s ‘cars for living’ trajectory, enhancing its already strong focus on electrified cars, as outlined in the bold ‘Renaulution’ strategy. This is the ‘nouvelle vague’ that aims to turn the brand into an industry benchmark for technology, electrification, and connected services.

All new Austral E-Tech full hybrid is the first Renault vehicle to be designed on the third generation CMF-CD platform [co-developed within the Alliance], and is coupled with the latest, more powerful, and more efficient version of the E-Tech full hybrid powertrain. It marries its new, efficient drivetrain with an innovative, user-focused cockpit and a range of advanced technologies – from cutting-edge Google connectivity to an array of driver, safety and parking systems as standard – all packaged in a new, sporty SUV design that follows Gilles Vidal’s (Renault Director of Design) new vision.

Available in three trims (techno, techno esprit Alpine and iconic esprit Alpine) the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid wears the esprit Alpine branding for the first time on a Renault. All models are powered by a new 200hp petrol hybrid powertrain with a 400V 1.7kWh lithium-ion battery. An electric-only mode offers quiet and zero emissions city driving, while the battery recharges when decelerating and braking to offer a truly electric experience with no need to plug in. On the combined WLTP cycle, the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid achieves up to 60.1mpg, making it one of the most fuel-efficient hybrid cars in the Renault line-up, keeping emissions as low as 105g/km of CO2. The impressive figures highlight its status as an exceptionally efficient hybrid electric vehicle.

Regarded as the pinnacle of modernity, all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid comes with up to 30 Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and MULTI-SENSE settings, which provide four different driving styles suitable for a range of journeys and terrains. These are complemented by Renault’s third-generation four-wheel steering system, 4CONTROL Advanced, giving all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid a city car-like 10.1m turning circle, which makes parking a breeze when used in conjunction with the car’s front, rear and side parking sensors and 360° Around View 3D camera. Each useful, proactive, and intelligent technological feature is there to improve passenger comfort, pleasure, and act as part of Renault’s leading Human First safety initiative. In fact, the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid has also achieved the highest NCAP score, receiving five stars.

Designed for living, its generous interior features a wireless smartphone charging station, while 35 litres of modular storage throughout the cabin ensure optimum use of the available space. The rear seats can be slid back by 16cm for a stretched-out and relaxed experience, while the boot space offers a capacity of up to 555 litres, conveniently accessed via an electric tailgate.

A highly customisable digital experience awaits, accessed through the twin 12-inch OpenR screens and 9.3-inch head-up display, all powered by Google services, which includes Google Play, Google Maps and Google Assistant. A range of up to 35 apps with exclusive content are available. From selecting music to planning a route, finding a parking space or controlling home devices, all can be activated with the ease of voice control. In total, with the 9.3” head-up display and Google-built in is standard on all UK versions, providing a total screen space of nearly 1000 cm2 for an intuitive, immersive, and connected driving experience.

Its name evokes images of the wide-open spaces of the southern hemisphere, a promise of endless possibilities, a hallmark of Renault’s DNA. Manufactured in the ultra-modern Palencia factory in Spain, all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid is subject to several rigorous checks during every stage of production to ensure the upmost quality. From choosing materials to checking each functionality, from assembly to painting, nothing is left to chance. As quality and durability are the guiding principles of the design brief, nearly 1,000 criteria are assessed throughout the design phase by both in house experts and an external panel of consumers.

With quality as a core pillar of the Renaulution strategy, all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid travelled nearly 2 million miles [or 75 times around the world] on all road types, as part of a stringent pre-launch quality testing programme. A global team of 100 experts put the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid to the test, resulting in more than 350 improvements made before launch. This programme was bolstered with a specific UK testing period, where a team of 20 product experts tested the product in specific UK-based scenarios. 

Orders for the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid opened in May 2023 in the UK, with first customer deliveries due from July 2023.

“Featuring one of the best infotainment systems on the market and the world’s most efficient hybrid powertrain, the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid is renewing Renault’s range in the C segment with a product that befits its ambitions and targets our core [European inc. UK] market”.
Luca de Meo, CEO of Renault

All new Austral E-Tech full hybrid combines the hallmarks of an SUV with Renault’s new design language. Its elegant, sporty design is full of character. Inside, the high-tech cockpit with distinctive materials and sleek finishes boasts generous spaciousness. For the first time ever on a Renault vehicle, esprit Alpine versions are available, boasting a sporty aesthetic with dynamic and captivating design features and impressive levels of technology.

Exterior design: a sculpted SUV
Protruding muscles, strong lines, sculpted forms, a bold front-end, structured technical features, hints of sophistication: the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid epitomises a brand reborn in Renault’s ‘nouvelle vague’ era.

Strength, character, and all the hallmarks of an SUV
New platform, new style… The all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid is the first Renault vehicle to use the Alliance’s latest CMF-CD platform. Boasting an electrified platform, its design also carries over a new character to support its SUV credentials. With large alloy wheels (up to 20 inches and 720 mm in diameter) underpinning the muscular silhouette of the bonnet line, which sits close to the wheel arches, all adding to its presence on the road.

The all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid also features the traditional hallmarks of an SUV: front and rear underside protection, contrasting side and sill guards, high ground clearance (180 mm), and high beltline for occupant protection.

Modern and structured shapes and forms
The exterior of the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid is based on Renault’s new design philosophy. Its generous shapes merge with the taut lines and precise, structural details. The sculpted bonnet gives it an athletic character that reflects the muscular lines of the silhouette. Its rounded shoulders echo the prominent flanks and clear-cut lines of the wings that sweep around the lamps.

The combination of generous curves and taut lines is enhanced by technical features such as the laser-cut rear LED lights with micro-optical technology and all the way through to the diamond patterns integrated into the front optics. As a whole, it imbues a heightened sense of perceived quality that is further enhanced by the readily visible mastery of geometric shapes included in the design.

Prominent front end design
The front end on the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid combines energy and sophistication. A horizontal chrome trim extends through into the headlights, crossing across the top of the wide, chequered grille in ice black. A design element that makes the front feel much wider while also giving it an added sense of elegance and sophistication. In the centre, Renault’s new ‘Nouvel’R’ logo in matte brushed chrome attests to all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid’s modern personality. The front end’s distinctive design is enhanced by a lower rim featuring an expressive looking F1 blade and aerodynamic scoops in diamond black. Overall, the quality of the assembly is immediately perceptible. This has been made possible by reinforced automated and manual quality control procedures throughout production.

“The all new Renault Austral E-Tech hybrid brings together bold stylistic features for a dynamic and elegant design. Engineered volumes, precisely drawn lines, and sophisticated details imbue the design with an overall sense of readily visible quality. Gaps in the body are extra slim and all flush lines have been drawn in a way to give off an immediate feeling of quality”.
Gilles Vidal, Renault Director of Design

Dynamic profile and rear end
The protruding lines that run along the top of the wheel arches give a new shape to the vehicle. In standing out from the smooth, generous, flowing surface, they bring energy and precision to the car’s profile.

A forward-facing fold in the lower flanks further enhances the model’s dynamic silhouette. All of these structural elements are underpinned by the low-running guards and wheel casings in diamond black that echo the colour used on the shark-fin antenna and side mirrors.

Polished stainless steel piping runs along the top of the side windows to highlight the plunging roof line and dynamic curve of the glass as it extends down to the rear door.

In the rear, the vehicle’s name is proudly displayed in elegantly sculpted and equally dynamic chrome lettering. All E-Tech full hybrid versions feature a distinctive golden ‘E’, and the esprit Alpine version a blue ‘E’.

Brand-new proportions and sleek aerodynamics
Renault architects and designers have harnessed the fundamental proportions that make SUVs so desirable, such as the overhang (925 mm in the front and 917 mm in the rear) and wheel dimensions (up to 20 inches and 720 mm in diameter), for added muscle and sophistication.

Measuring 1.64 meters high by 1.83 meters wide and 4.51 meters long with a wheelbase of 2.67 meters, its measurements give an immediate feeling of spaciousness, robustness, and sportiness.

The quest to improve aerodynamics through efficient design has also had a major impact on the final style. The central and side air inlets located on the front bumper, the drop of the roof line extended by a curved rear spoiler lip, and the linear highlights integrated into the sculptural flanks not only serve to improve aerodynamic efficiency but are also visual markers of the car’s aerodynamic performance.

Signature lighting
The 100% LED front and rear lights is finely cut in a markedly modern design.

The front features Renault’s signature C-Shape lights which give the car a technological look that adds character and prestige. The compact lamps incorporate up to 7 high-tech beam modules that can adapt the way light is distributed according to traffic conditions.

The rear lights, which also feature the C-shape signature, connect through to the Renault logo crossing from one side of the boot to the other, further underpinning the vehicle’s prestigious stature. Micro-optical technology was first seen on Megane E-Tech 100% electric, the moiré effect and sense of depth are created from a multitude of laser-cut engravings. Forming two clear-cut bands, they create a vivid 3D hologram effect that brings the rear of the car alive by day and by night. Stylish, dynamic indicators finish the design with a final touch.

All UK versions of all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid have matrix LED vision headlights as standard.

Animated welcome sequence
The all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid automatically detects the key card whenever the person holding it approaches the car. The vehicle then starts its light sequence. Using matrix LED vision lights, the sequence starts with the inside headlights then progresses out to the day lamps before reaching the indicators. At the back, the light strip and rear lights light up while the rear indicators turn on with a dynamic pulse.

Distinctive colours and alloy wheels
The all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid comes in five elegant body colours: arctic white, diamond black, flame red, iron blue and shadow grey, with the option of a brand new, matte shadow grey colour on esprit Alpine versions. Said to be robust and easy to maintain, it’s the first time Renault features a matte finish on a mass-market model. For a sleeker silhouette, two-tone paints are available on esprit Alpine versions, which features a diamond black roof, shark fin antenna, wing mirrors and air inlets on the front bumper. 

All new Austral E-Tech full hybrid sits proudly on top of 19-inch or 20-inch diamond cut alloy wheels, depending on the version. All display the new Renault logo in brushed aluminium in the centre. 


Interior design: a technology-led cockpit
All new Austral E-Tech full hybrid features a brand-new interior design. The high-tech cockpit and welcoming passenger compartment embody quality, practicality, and spaciousness. The whole family are sure to feel welcome and comfortable in its high-tech environment.

Stepping inside Austral E-Tech full hybrid, it’s clear to see the step-change in quality and technological advancements from Renault. The large OpenR screen turns on with a welcome display (with an Alpine touch for esprit Alpine versions). Ambient lighting highlights the driver’s instrument panel while the interior speakers play Renault’s signature welcoming sound.

OpenR screen: powering immersive technology
The 12-inch OpenR screen is one of the largest fitted to a vehicle. Said to be the crowning jewel of the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid, the upside-down ‘L-shape’ screen displays both a digital instrument panel and the multimedia interface of the centre console. Everything is within reach for an optimised, intuitive, and connected experience.

The finish on the OpenR screen has been made to the same standard as high-end tablets and smartphones. The screen is covered in Gorilla-Glass, a tempered glass that is ultra-resistant to scratches, everyday bumps, and repeated cleaning. It has also been given additional anti-fingerprint and anti-glare coatings to ensure it stands-up to everyday life.

The screen’s brightness (up to 900 cd/m2) adapts to the surrounding light while its reflective qualities have also been optimised, in particular thanks to the use of advanced micro-blind technology. These techniques have meant that there is no longer any need for the instrument panel visor, thereby freeing up space and giving a very modern floating effect to the ensemble.

Designers and engineers worked together to enhance the immersive experience offered by the OpenR screen. So as to not disturb one’s gaze with unsightly air vents, the slab elegantly incorporates discrete central vents. Without compromising on the quality of ventilation, they operate through an internal flow guidance system. Another minimalist feature is the screen’s ultra-thin outline has been reinforced to sit flush so that all shapes, colours, and notifications run right up to the edge of the display area.

100% high definition
The OpenR screen boasts one of the largest display areas: 321 cm2 for the 12.3-inch driver information display (1,920 x 720 pixels, landscape) and 453 cm2 for the central 12-inch multimedia screen (1,250 x 1,562 pixels, portrait). That makes for a grand total of 774 cm2. With the additional high-resolution image projected by the head-up display [9.3-inch, 210 cm2], the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid features one of the largest display areas on the market at nearly 1,000 cm2.

All UK versions of all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid benefit from the 12-inch multimedia screen, 12.3-inch driver information display and 9.3” head-up display as standard.

The screens benefit from TFT LCD IPS technology, HD resolution with 167 pixels per inch, 60 Hz refresh rate, 8-bit colour for 16 million colours, 80% NTSC gamut, and glove-compatible capacitive screen.

The section of the OpenR screen devoted to the instrument panel offers the driver four display options, depending on what you need at any given moment: Classic (speed, rpm, etc), Navigation (maps), Zen (minimalist), and Road (visualisation of the surrounding road and traffic).

The widely customisable dashboard display also features five widgets (fuel economy, tyre pressure, distance, eco-monitor for the eco driving score, music) and eight lighting colours.

Integrated compact steering wheel
The OpenR screen and steering wheel merge into a single entity through finely tuned details. The squared shape of the steering wheel makes it easy to get in and out of the vehicle and grants an optimal view of the instrument panel. Its compact size is a perfect match for the look of the OpenR screen cockpit.

Elegant handrest
Ergonomically designed, the handrest on the centre console can slide back and forth while guaranteeing easy use of the multimedia screen and the piano-key haptic buttons located just below.

Inspiration for the hand rest comes from the worlds of aeronautics and fine watchmaking; the aerodynamic form of the rest makes it easy to manoeuvre. When slid back and forth, it emits a pleasant sound like that made by the turning of a dial on a wristwatch. Such attention to detail showcases Renault’s expertise when it comes to minute mechanics.

Inductive smartphone charger
Equipped with wireless phone charger, the small ledge-like space is upholstered in a soft, slip-free material with a diamond pattern made using a laser cut mold built into the handrest. When the phone is connected via Bluetooth, its battery level is displayed on the multimedia screen.

Connectivity and storage for all
In front of the hand rest, a ‘pocket’ storage area is complemented by two cup holders, two USB Type-C ports and a 12V socket[1]. Two additional USB Type-C ports are available on the back of the comfort console to allow rear seat passengers to charge their mobile devices.

Living Lights
Officially known as ‘Living Lights’, the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid creates a unique mood lighting experience for its passengers. 100% LED, it spreads out through the compartment via light strips housed in the dashboard and doors for a heightened feeling of wellbeing for driver and passengers alike.

Based on the circadian cycle of the human body’s 24-hour clock, it adapts to the exterior light and automatically changes colour every 30 minutes. The smooth transitions between colours are enhanced by dynamic and natural flurries, giving the impression that the mood lighting is in fact alive. By day, cool shades highlight the car’s interior design and accentuate the technological aspects. By night, the ambiance is different as a warm halo of light shrouds the driver and passengers in a comforting glow for extra comfort.

Fully customisable through MULTI-SENSE, which can be accessed directly from a button on the steering wheel, the driver can also adjust the colour and intensity of the on-board lights depending on their mood and preferences via the OpenR screen where a slide bar helps choose between 48 different colours. Lighting of the dash, door panels, and instrument panels also change colour according to the chosen driving mode.

Carefully selected materials for a high-end finish
A main feature of the iconic cockpit on the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid is the use of sophisticated materials that echo the exterior’s design.

Depending on the trim and chosen extras, the interior of the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid incorporates Alcantara, man-made leather, padded textiles, and other form-fitted materials that are soft to the touch and paired with lacquered highlights in gloss black and matte chrome.

The dashboard is mounted in multiple layers for a more dynamic, lightweight, and modern finish. All versions feature a matte chrome strip that frames the interior space and reflects the ‘living lights’ mood lighting that naturally draws the eyes to the OpenR screen.

For the techno version, the strip extends into the door panels with a C-shaped curve that makes the interior space appear bigger. It is mirrored by the hand rest on the cruising console and metal highlights on the leather steering wheel, giving the interior a splash of ‘tech’ highlights. This feeling is enhanced by the sleek sophisticated finish on the surfaces in gloss black that tie in with the glossy finish of the OpenR screen. This is particularly the case for the door handles, overhead console, and cruising console.

Quality upholstery
Particular care was given to the car’s upholstery. The techno version’s seats incorporate a quilted material with a black coating that gently fades from black on the seat pad up to light grey on the headrest. The shift from black to grey lightens the interior. Silver stitching and piping enhance the overall look.

An interior with cocoon-like comfort
On all versions, the front and rear seats have been designed for optimal comfort. From techno esprit Alpine upwards, experience electric driver’s seat with power adjustment (front-back, height, back-rest angle), lumbar massaging, and heated seats for both driver and passenger.

The fabric used for the roof lining that wraps down the front windscreen pillars features on every trim and adds a final touch to the interior’s ‘cocoon-like’ feel. In the front and centre, the gloss black overhead console is highlighted by touch activated reading lights and a frameless electrochromic rear-view mirror for added elegance.

Maximum space for all
Like the many ‘cars for living’ that have left their mark in Renault’s history books, the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid has been designed to comfortably fit the whole family. The Alliance’s new CMF-CD platform has helped maximise space and practicality.

The ergonomically designed front seats are extra comfortable (150 cm of elbow-width and 137 cm of hip-width) as there is more space available around the centre console and under the dashboard. The elevated driving position and streamlined centre console make for a roomier and more comfortable drive.

The rear passengers have not been forgotten. Thanks to the new platform, the comfort level and ergonomic performance of the seat position have been improved compared to standard SUV models, with second row spaciousness among the category’s best. With knee-room measuring 27.4 cm and more than 90 cm of head height. The carefully calibrated angle of the rear bench seat also makes it possible for passengers to keep the heels flat on the floor without having to raise their knees, enhancing comfort for long journeys.

The car also boasts optimal accessibility with some of the widest front and rear side openings for the category (67.6 cm in the front and 57.7 cm in the back).

Lastly, the panoramic sunroof – standard on iconic esprit Alpine versions – heightens the feeling of roominess on board. The tinted roof is equipped with an electric sun shield for better temperature control in summer.

Plenty of convenient storage
The all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid has plenty of storage for the whole family.

In moving the gear leaver and other controls to the steering wheel and OpenR display, it has left a large area between the two front seats that can be used for new storage compartments. These include a ‘spare-change’ tray with two cup holders, a smartphone holder with in-built inductive charging, a 2-litre storage area hidden under the sliding handrest and a 3.6-litre closed storage compartment behind the centre console. The closed compartment is easily opened with a simple push on the wing-lid flap. For convenience, a storage compartment for sunglasses has been built into the overhead console. The glovebox has a capacity of 6.4 litres and the door bins can each fit 4.3 litres in the front and 2.1 litres in the rear.

Second row passengers benefit from a large, removable centre handrest with built-in cup holders. They also have two large 2.2 litre pockets in the backs of the seats in front of them.

In total, the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid has 35 litres of storage onboard.

Sliding rear bench
Modular and versatile, the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid has a 2/3–1/3 split-folding seat in the rear. Each section can slide back and forth over 16 cm separately from each other.

The bench seats slide along rails when triggered by simply pulling a user-friendly handle located under the seat. A simple and quick manoeuvre to change up the car’s interior volumes to either increase the boot capacity or give more leg room to back seat passengers.

The angle on the rear seat backrests can also be adjusted (25°, 27°, and 29°) for added comfort and to better suit each passenger.

Handles on each side of the boot are used to lay the backrests down flat.

Generous boot space
Thanks to the extended wheelbase on the new CMF-CD platform and the sliding rear bench, the interior of all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid has been optimised without compromising on boot capacity.

With the sliding rear bench, boot capacity can reach up to 555 litres, and up to 1455 litres with the rear seats folded down.

Electric-powered tailgate
The all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid is equipped with an electric powered tailgate, standard on esprit Alpine versions.

With the press of a button, the driver can easily open and shut the boot right from their seat in the front. Outside, the boot can be opened or shut by using the electric button located on the rear door or the hands-free key card.

A great deal of work went into making sure the electric boot lid was of the finest quality around. Renault engineers worked on the speed at which it opens and shuts, and reduced the sound made by the mechanism to make it as silent as possible.


All new Austral E-Tech full hybrid esprit Alpine: a brand-new, high-end trim
The esprit Alpine trim makes its world debut in the Renault line up with all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid. This exclusive, brand-new set of features pushes the bounds of sporty aesthetic, elegance, and technology on all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid.

Exterior design: a proudly athletic style
The emblematic design of esprit Alpine draws its unique style from the sporty DNA of Renault Group’s flagship brand, Alpine.

These versions see all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid with an even more assertive design underpinned by a new, specially designed, matte shadow grey body colour. The exclusive varnish with a specifically studied formula gives it a satin finish, while also making it more resistant than ever. The finish is found on no other mass-market model, it is soft to touch and highlights the vehicle’s muscular and dynamic silhouette. A bold style that is further enhanced by the two-tone finish[2] with diamond black, the gloss black used for the décor above the side windows, and matte black roof bars.

Esprit Alpine versions also feature 20-inch ‘Daytona’ alloy wheels with ‘Alpine’ markings. With a black diamond and smoky grey varnish, the dynamic look is also reflected in a series of broken lines.

On the front end, the matte grey horizontal bar on the grille is underpinned by an aerodynamic F1 sport blade in the same colour, while the Renault logo (front, rear, wheel centres) is in a sleek and sophisticated brushed ice black.

The elegant and sporty silhouette is enhanced by gloss black highlights around the windows and along the dynamic curve of the roof. The side wings are fitted with two ‘esprit Alpine’ side badges.

Interior design: elegance in every detail
Inside, esprit Alpine includes Alcantara upholstery with a carbon-fibre like ‘twill’ and Alpine Blue stitching. An embroidered Alpine logo on the headrests and a discreet French flag inserted into the inner side seams, add the final touch of elegance.

The leather steering wheel with Alcantara inserts has stitching in red, white, and blue, while blue-trimmed safety belts, aluminium pedals, and ‘Alpine’ markings on the door sills finish the look.

Lastly, when the driver climbs on board, the OpenR screen displays a welcomes sequence designed in Alpine colours.

Premium equipment
In terms of equipment, all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid techno esprit Alpine trim has a heated steering wheel, heated front seats with power-settings (front/back, backrest height and angle), lumbar massage for the driver and electric power boot opening. Moving up to iconic esprit Alpine brings the addition of 4CONTROL advanced 4-wheel steering, premium Harman Kardon audio system, 360° Around View 3D camera, panoramic sunroof and wireless smartphone charging.


The all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid is the first Renault model to benefit from the Alliance’s new CMF-CD platform. This platform allows for the housing of the new E-Tech full hybrid engine. Combined with latest generation MULTI-SENSE and 4CONTROL technologies, all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid opens the door into a new world for the senses.

New platform, new performance
The completely new CMF-CD platform heralds in an overhaul of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance’s line-up for the compact and high-end segments. All new Austral E-Tech full hybrid is the first Renault model to use it and has a brand-new architecture, redesigned chassis and steering, and the latest on-board technology.

A new chassis for unparalleled comfort and driving pleasure
In terms of driving behaviour, the finely engineered, rigid chassis on the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid strikes a perfect balance between behaviour, comfort, and handling for true driving pleasure. The rigid body and optimised shock absorbers and suspension have helped to greatly reduce vibrations and noise to enhance comfort without cutting corners on performance.

The chassis comes in two versions: a flexible axle with a torsion beam for two-wheel steering models [standard on techno and techno esprit Alpine versions] and a multi-link rear axle with 4CONTROL Advanced for four-wheel steering [standard on iconic esprit Alpine versions].

The flexible axle has been completely redesigned to boost the vehicle’s driving behaviour. The torsion beam provides greater stability and better chassis handling, and the rear axle cushions more of the vibration before it reaches the passenger compartment, with reinforcements on the body and points of contact. The jounce bumper, which has also been redesigned, softens the axle’s movement and protects the vehicle from bumps when the vehicles is loaded and strained. Lastly, the shock absorbers are now more upright to reduce friction and thereby optimise performance and improve handling, assisting with better driving comfort.

In versions with four-wheel steering, the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid provides next-level balance and comfort. The ‘quadrilateral’ or ‘4 link’ multi-arm rear axle ranks it as the best in its class. The camber adapts, enabling optimal wheel placement on harsh, jagged surfaces. On bends and when changing direction, the vehicle’s heightened stability and enhanced behaviour are reassuring and at the same time sporty. The suspension both grounds the car in the road and instantly absorbs any bumps in it. With the addition of a steering actuator, the steering angle of the rear wheels can reach 5°, providing unprecedented stability on the road and unparalleled agility in cities.

In versions with two-wheel steering, the kerb-to-kerb turning circles is 11.2 meters. In versions with four-wheel steering, it is only 10.1 meters – a record in the segment and better than many city cars.

One final advantage of the new CMF-CD platform in this area is that it accommodates 20-inch (720-mm) wheels without affecting the vehicle’s turning circle.

An entirely new steering system for unmatched agility and responsiveness
The steering has been significantly improved compared to the previous platform.

The assist motor is now next to the steering rack to optimise information transmission and more naturally increase steering effort proportionally to turning angle.

The steering ratio has dropped from 17.6:1 to 14.6:1 on versions with two-wheel steering and to less than 13:1 on versions with four-wheel steering. With 4CONTROL Advanced, driving pleasure is combined with a degree of precisions like none other in the category.

Paired with a rigid body and remarkably efficient and effective powertrains, the vehicle’s agility and extremely responsive behaviour add up to a best-in-class driving experience.

Lowering kerb weight and using cutting-edge hybridisation technologies for top-level efficiency and performance
With the new CMF-CD platform, all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid can integrate innovative hybrid technology to continually seek out the best levels of performance and efficiency. This also means that the fuel efficiency [up to 60.1mpg] and CO2 emissions [from 105g/km] are the best to be seen within the segment.


The best engines in terms of fuel efficiency and emissions
All new Austral E-Tech full hybrid benefits from the latest generation of E-Tech full hybrid motors on a 400V network for up to 200hp.

The brand-new 200hp E-Tech full hybrid engine: power and efficiency
The all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid introduces a brand-new E-Tech full hybrid self-charging engine that has been perfected to run a superior segment vehicle. It has a combined power of up to 146 kW, or 200hp, and the best consumption to performance ratio on the market, to increase driving pleasure while limiting CO2 emissions.

E-Tech full hybrid technology, which is packed with innovation and was developed and patented by Renault Engineering, keeps the ingenious architecture. It combines a combustion engine, two electric motors (an ‘e-motor’ traction motor to drive on electric power and charge the battery, and an HSG high-voltage starter generator used to start the combustion engine, shift speeds and help to charge the battery), a central traction battery, and a smart multi-mode gearbox.

The new generation of the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid engine is equipped with a new 1.2 litre 96 kW 3-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine with 205 Nm of torque. It is paired with an electric motor boasting more power and more torque (50 kW and 205 Nm), a greater-capacity lithium-ion battery (2kWh / 400V), and a gearbox combining two speeds in electric mode and four for the combustion engine. With 15 combinations, the gearbox has enhanced torque capacity [up to 410 Nm versus 350 Nm for the first generation], power, output, and responsiveness.

The result being a premium driving experience combining liveliness and efficiency. The starts, invariably in full-electric mode, are powerful and linear, transitions are clean, without a drop in torque, and the combustion engine constantly runs within its optimal output range.

The energy regeneration mechanism, which triggers automatically during deceleration and braking, when combined with the high capacity of lithium-ion batteries to self-charge and the efficiency of the E-Tech system, makes for optimal fuel economy. This means it can spend 80% of the time on city roads in full-electric mode, which equates to 40% fuel savings compared to a petrol engine, all without changing your driving style.

As with the previous generation of E-Tech full hybrid engines, the car harnesses immediately-available torque and always starts in full-electric mode, and electric traction can be available for up to twice as long as in a conventional hybrid powertrain. The E-Tech full hybrid powertrain thus makes for a driving experience that is unique to electric cars, combining silence with responsiveness.

The smart gearbox switches automatically between the electric and combustion motors to guarantee a highly responsive drive, while keeping fuel efficiency in check.

Equipped with the latest E-Tech full hybrid engine, the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid has unmatched levels of fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions in its category [up to 60.1mpg and from 105g/km CO2] without compromising on driving pleasure. With this new high-efficiency fuel engine[3] (41%[4]) it is one of the most cost-effective hybrid SUVs to run. And a genuine alternative to diesel.

In a gesture to its electrified DNA and its small environmental footprint, the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid wears the ‘E-TECH Hybrid’ badge on the boot area and a golden ‘E’ for the vehicle’s name. On esprit Alpine models, the ‘E’ is blue.

Electrification technology
All new Austral E-Tech full hybrid incorporates electrification technology for unrivalled efficiency. Such as the new generation of E-Tech full hybrid technology, but also many features that have been designed to maximise energy efficiency.

Next generation E-Tech technology
The innovative E-Tech full hybrid engine used in all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid gave rise to more than 200 patents.

The new features include the engine base, as well as the enhanced automatic gearbox and the 2kWh 400V battery.

Equipped with an innovative cooling device provided by the air conditioning system, this new battery can maintain its performance in all operating conditions. As it has higher capacitance, it also makes it possible to drive more in electric mode, improving driving pleasure in cities, at low speeds, as well as on motorways.

Much like the previous generation, all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid’s electrified motor is built on a so-called ‘series-parallel’ hybrid architecture that offers the widest range of performance types between engines and the best CO2 gains when on the road. Thanks to an improvement of the multi-mode device, the number of possible combinations of different energy sources goes from 14 to 15 for better use of the hybrid system. The smart multi-mode gearbox automatically selects the E-Tech full hybrid configuration among the following:

  • All-electric [only the electric motor moves the wheels];
  • Dynamic hybrid [the combustion engine and electric motor combine to move the wheels];
  • E-drive [the electric motor moves the wheels, the combustion engine charges the battery];
  • ICE [only the combustion engine moves the wheels and/or charges the battery];
  • Regenerating [the wheels move the electric motor that charges the battery].

Other improvements include the enhanced driving pleasure and fuel efficiency for a cost/performance ratio like no other on the market.

Pick-and-choose regenerative braking
With the E-Tech full hybrid powertrain, the driver can select one of four different modes using two toggles located behind the steering wheel.

Regenerative braking transforms the kinetic energy produced when decelerating or braking into electrical energy that is then stored in the battery. This improves fuel efficiency and extends the range in electric mode, while preserving the brakes and reducing particulate pollution.

The driver is given immediate feedback on the instrument panel display as to how much energy is being regenerated when the accelerator pedal is released, or the brake used.

Specific animations
The brand-new digital dashboard features animations that are specific to hybrid models. A ‘power-o-meter’ displays the level of instant power during acceleration as well as the regenerative power when decelerating or braking. The battery gauge, on its part, gives a real-time indication of the amount of available electrical energy.

Furthermore, an ‘energy flow’ widget shows where the energy used is originating [in the combustion engine or electric motor].

In addition to the real-time assessment of the driving behaviour via the instrument panel, the OpenR Link multimedia system shows where energy is flowing, and which energy is being used to drive the car (electrical, mechanical, combined). Past consumption can be displayed in a bar chart, which in particular shows the distance travelled in full-electric mode.

In addition to the chosen level of regenerative braking, these notifications ensure that the driver has a good understanding of the car’s current fuel efficiency.


MULTI-SENSE and 4CONTROL Advanced: a world of sensations
The MULTI-SENSE and 4CONTROL Advanced systems are iconic of Renault’s expertise in engineering and are there to customise the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid’s on board settings for a more enjoyable and heightened driving experience.

MULTI-SENSE: Immersive experiences and sensations
Thanks to the latest generation of MULTI-SENSE technology on the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid, drivers can adapt their driving mode to suit their mood and desires. The numerous customisation options mean that every trip can be a brand-new experience.

Accessed via the OpenR screen and a brand-new MULTI-SENSE button located on the steering wheel, the settings cover everything from driving sensations [steering effort, engine responsiveness, chassis agility and amplification perception] to the interior mood [interior lighting, temperature, instrument panel display and colour]. Three pre-programmed modes (Eco, Comfort and Sport) find the best level for each setting to achieve greater fuel efficiency, a highly adapted driving regime for commonly encountered events, or high energy sensations depending on the chosen mode. A fourth mode (personal) gives the driver free rein over every setting. Drivers can switch between modes at any time, either manually or via the voice command Google Assistant.

4CONTROL Advanced: stability and manoeuvrability for even greater driving pleasure
All new Austral E-Tech full hybrid sees the arrival of Renault’s third generation four-wheel steering: 4CONTROL Advanced.[5]

4CONTROL has been in a class by itself since it was presented and reached the market in 2007. Today, 4CONTROL Advanced remains unrivalled – and unprecedented in the segment’s SUVs. It is back with a number of upgrades providing greater agility, unequalled performance and ever more driving pleasure.

With this system, all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid is equipped with a new four-wheel steering chassis, providing superior handling and stability on all road conditions. On uneven and poor-quality roads, the movement of the wheels filters out the lumps and bumps in the road surface. The benefits are instant: handling is better, and comfort and acoustic performance are optimised, for all-round peace of mind at the wheel.

The steering actuator on the rear axle, which responds to input from the power steering system, engine, and electronic stability control system, ensures the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid responds effectively in all circumstances. Depending on the situation, it allows small adjustments of the rear wheels’ direction of up to 5°, running opposite to the front wheels (compared to 3.5° in the previous 4CONTROL generation).

Equipped with 4CONTROL Advanced, all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid’s manoeuvrability is exceptional for a vehicle in its segment. It is very agile, and especially at home in cities. Its kerb turning circle, for instance, is tighter than that of some city cars: 10.1 meters. That’s a real plus for everyday driving!

Paired with MULTI-SENSE settings for even more sensations, the 4CONTROL Advanced system provides additional customisation options. Drivers can now adjust the settings of the pre-programmed modes (Eco, Comfort and Sport) or set their personal mode using a sliding cursor to choose from 13 settings as opposed to the original three, to fine-tune the car’s behaviour to truly suit their mood and amplify the vivid sensations at the wheel.

“Thanks to the new CMF-CD platform shared with the Alliance and the unique know-how of Renault Engineering, the all new Renault Austral provides performance that is unprecedented for the segment. Its 4-wheel steering chassis 4CONTROL Advanced, for example, offers an outstanding maneuverability, worthy of a city car, and improves the vehicle’s stability in all road conditions”.
Olivier Brosse, Renault Projects Engineering Director


At the forefront of modernity, all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid offers up to 30 (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). Each system is proactive and intelligent, putting the car at the top of its class in terms of comfort and safety.

Smart and proactive driving aids
Up to 30 ADAS on all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid are divided into three categories: driving, parking, and safety. Designed to provide the driver with the ultimate level of driving comfort, they also help the driver maintain control at all times, thereby ensuring the safety of everyone inside the car and other people on the road.

Next generation head-up display
The all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid serves to launch the brand new 9.3” head- up display. Vehicle speed, active ADAS, speeding warning, and navigation indications are now projected directly onto the windscreen. They are shown in real-time within the driver’s field of view for optimum driving comfort.

Active driver assist for context-based autonomous steering
Another state-of-the-art ADAS: active driver assist. This system adds contextual information to Renault’s well-known Motorway and Traffic Companion to widen its scope beyond use solely in fast lanes. The driver can therefore manage all sorts of road events they may encounter to the best of their ability. A level 2 of vehicle autonomy, it combines Adaptive Cruise Control with ‘Stop & Go’, Lane Centering, as well as GPS data and a map so the vehicle can alter its route.

Should traffic come to a full halt, the ‘Stop & Go’ function will set the car in motion after a 30-second wait (instead of the previous 3 seconds).

The Lane Centering (LC) actively moves the steering wheel and can now even run when either of the two lateral road markings is gone (e.g., on the edge of a country road).

Automatic speed adaptation
Integrated into the Active Driver Assist, Traffic sign recognition with speed alert [OSP] can also be used on its own. This function displays the maximum speed limit on the instrument panel and on the navigation screen. Should the actual speed be higher, a visual warning appears for the driver to see. A button on the steering wheel can be used to activate the Speed Limiter, Cruise Control, or Adaptive Cruise Control to adapt to the speed limit.

Advanced parking assistance technologies
In addition to the usual radars and rear-view cameras, the semi-automatic hands-free parking system takes over all the manoeuvring. The sensors steer the car into a parallel, perpendicular or angled parking space for complete peace of mind.

The 360° Around View 3D camera uses four cameras to display a 3D rendering of the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid with a full view of everything in its direct vicinity. The driver can then easily spot any obstacles anywhere outside the vehicle by zooming in on a specific area using the touch screen. It can also display an overhead panoramic view that covers everything in front and behind the vehicle. These features making parking a breeze.

Increased active safety
In terms of active safety, the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid is equipped with three well-known ADAS that help reduce the risk of collision: Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Blind Spot Warning (BSW), and Lane Keeping Assist (LKA).

The latest iteration of the Emergency-LKA (Blind Spot Warning and Lane Departure Prevention when overtaking) make the system more effective than ever. Using technology that combines data from the front camera and side radars, the vehicle is automatically guided back to its lane when the system detects a potential lane departure or collision from the front or side during an attempt to overtake.

This latest ADAS can be further enhanced by displaying on the instrument panel a ‘Road view’, representation of the chosen lane with the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid and any nearby vehicles in real time.

The vehicle also features three other ADAS that are designed to protect other road users, in particular pedestrians and cyclists.

The Rear Active Emergency Braking (Rear AEB) is, as the name suggests, the same as the Active Emergency Braking System (AEBS), though this time it is for when the driver is reversing. Should the ultrasonic sensors detect a potential obstacle (pedestrian, cyclist, pole…), the system warns the driver through visual and audio cues before triggering a two-second emergency brake in order to avoid a collision. The system is active when reversing between 2 mph and 6 mph.

The Rear Cross Traffic Alert (Rear CTA) detects vehicles moving at more than 2 mph when the driver starts to reverse out of a parking spot where visibility is limited (perpendicular or angle parking). If a vehicle is identified by the rear ultrasonic sensors, an audio and visual cue tells the driver to stop and check in all directions before proceeding.

Smart high-tech lights
The all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid features high-tech headlights that are not only essential for on-road safety but also greatly improve driving comfort.

With LED Adaptive Vision technology and built-in fog mode (AFS), the intelligent lighting adapts to the tilt of the steering wheel, the car’s speed, traffic, and weather conditions to optimise the front and side lights, especially when cornering, so as to not dazzle others using the road.

The matrix LED vision (Matrix beam / ADB) means drivers can continue using high beam for the greatest coverage no matter what the surrounding traffic is like. This is made possible thanks to anti-glare LED technology that adapts the direction of light beams to ensure the comfort and safety all those in nearby vehicles.


The best in passive safety
The all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid guarantees the best level in protection for passengers and other road users thanks to a range of improved passive safety equipment.

Reinforced basic systems
First of all, in the event of a front, side, or rear collision, the passenger compartment is now better protected. High-strength materials have been used to make the internal structure and the body sturdier.

Moreover, 7 air bags have been placed passenger compartment, including a brand-new air bag between the front passengers, designed to protect them from knocking heads in the event of a side-on collision. In addition, door pressure sensors provide early detection of side-on collisions and ensure faster air bag deployment.

The seat belts are also equipped with load-limiting pretensioners to prevent chest injuries in the event of a severe impact, and their anchorage points have also been optimised for greater lumbar protection.
Every seat has an ‘anti-whiplash’ headrest.

For added child safety, three ISOFIX anchor points have been added: two in the back and one on the front passenger seat.

Road safety is as important for Renault clients as it is for all road users. As such, the front structure of all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid has been improved to reduce the severity of damage made to other vehicles or pedestrians in the event of a crash.

Lastly, in the event of an accident, the e-call system automatically calls emergency services and provides them with the necessary information to identify and locate the vehicle, and to help determine what services are required according to the number of passengers and the severity of the crash.

Secure battery, clear information
All new Austral E-Tech full hybrid has a battery access hatch for rescue teams to quickly access the battery should an accident occur. It also features a QR code located on the windscreen. Rescue teams can scan it to quickly ascertain what type of electrified vehicle they are dealing with along with important structural information [such as battery and air bag location, areas that can be cut in a safe fast manner…]. This can save up to 15 minutes in extracting someone from the wreckage, which can often be critical.

The rapid-access battery and QR code are just some of the features that ensure optimal safety for Renault users. Globally, the safety of customers on the road – as well as employees in the workplace – is one of the three main pillars [along with inclusion and the green transition] of Renault Group’s sustainable development  policy brought in as part of the Renaulution strategy.

Quality, safety, sustainability: Three pillars at the heart of all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid design
The design brief for the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid hinged upon particular attention being paid to its quality and durability. In particular, extensive tests were carried out to ensure that the various ADAS were all faultless for the maximum level of safety. No less than 430,000 miles were covered during test drives to cover all possible uses. The objective: certify the car’s endurance, safety, and reliability.

During manufacturing, in addition to full gamut of checks and tests carried out by lasers, robotic inspection, 3D scanners, and the like, the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid was put through its paces on specially designed tracks at the plant in Palencia, Spain. The objective: certify that every vehicle was up to standard.

Moreover, 100 vehicles were tested on closed track and the open road for over 2 million kilometres to cover the full range of road conditions.

In total, 170 prototypes were used to ensure the quality and durability of all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid and all its on-board technology.


Thanks to the user-friendly OpenR screen and OpenR Link multimedia system with integrated Google, the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid is a door to new horizons. Sitting behind the wheel is just the beginning of an augmented driving experience powered by immersive, connected technology. With the smart connectivity and premium sound of Harman Kardon, the stage is set to take to the road and enjoy the moment.

OpenR Link: an adaptive multimedia system that makes the car as intuitive as a smartphone
The jewel in the cockpit of all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid – the OpenR screens – housing the OpenR Link multimedia system. OpenR Link with Google built-in provides drivers with an immersive and intuitive driving experience.

Smart technology for the most intuitive experience
The all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid is part of an ecosystem where the vehicle acts as the hardware that houses state-of-the-art software and optimised connectivity.

The OpenR screen is packed with technology for a smooth, rich, and adaptive experience. Using Qualcomm’s third generation Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit platform and octa-core processor, it can support multiple screens, state-of-the-art connectivity, and all the technology needed for safety systems and ADAS. This platform has been designed to last well into the future with the ability to accommodate future system updates. In terms of software, the OpenR display runs on the new OpenR Link system with Google built-in, for an intuitive and optimised connected experience.

The OpenR Link system runs on Android Automotive OS, which is simply the automotive version of the same operating system as that used on more than 75% of smartphones worldwide.[6] Developed by Google, the software is designed to evolve and change with the arrival of future technology. Compatible with Android Auto (for Android smartphones) and Apple CarPlay (for iPhones), as either plug-in or wireless, it means the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid can seamlessly merge with the driver’s own digital ecosystem. Navigation with Google Maps, hands-free help with Google Assistant, the app catalogue on Google Play (see below), and other features of the My Renault app are the final touches that help make the vehicle’s multimedia system a wholly customisable space.

OpenR Link is as intuitive to use as a smartphone, with either a single finger (short tap, long tap, scroll), multiple fingers (pinch, zoom, etc.), or by using the voice recognition software. It receives and displays notifications and the menu bar located on the top of the screen helps switch between the different primary functions – Home, Navigation, Music, Phone, Apps, Vehicle.[7]

The OpenR Link multimedia system interface can be personalised just like a smartphone. Each user can create their own profile and use widgets to tailor the OpenR screen layout to suit their own preferences so everyone can directly access their favourite functions. Each user account can be used to set up an extensive user profile to further personalise the vehicle’s settings, automatically connect a smartphone via Bluetooth, quickly access your favourite radio stations, and more. Each user profile can also be linked to a personal Google account for an even richer experience.

Lastly, much like the operating system of a smartphone or tablet, OpenR Link is connected to the cloud and designed to evolve over time. Automatic updates are sent via Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) technology. For Google apps, no user input is required to receive the latest maps and points of interest. For core system updates, all users have to do is simply accept the message that appears on the screen. Thanks to high-performance, large-scale microchips, upgrades can continue for years to come with plenty of room for the smart, connected solutions of the future.

Google apps and services
The OpenR Link system offers a helpful, personalised and seamless driving experience with Google built-in.[8] The on-board experience is run on an environment that is familiar and easy to navigate for most users, and is built on three pillars:

  • Google Maps for navigation, with real-time traffic info, points of interest, favourite restaurants, simplified Google search, voice control, live map updates, etc. Viewable on the 12.3-inch dashboard screen, navigation can also be viewed at any time with a single click via the vertical 12-inch screen.
  • Google Assistant for hands-free help (on weather, phone, music, help, miscellaneous requests) and voice activated vehicle functions such as air conditioning, defrosting and MULTI-SENSE mode. It’s easy to send a message or answer a call, find the nearest coffee shop, play a selected radio station, adjust the temperature and more. Google Assistant can be started by saying “Hey Google”, pressing the voice control button on the steering wheel, or tapping the Google Assistant icon on the OpenR Link multimedia system. Over time, Google adapts to the driver’s preferences for more personalised and proactively helpful recommendations to help streamline and simplify the driving experience. Whether it be suggesting a destination for an upcoming dinner reservation, or playing previously selected media.
  • Google Play for apps: music, podcasts, media, navigation etc. The catalogue is constantly being added to and updated with countless third-party apps, including some providing exclusive content for Renault. The catalogue of Google Play apps is readily available with a few simple clicks via a simplified interface that has been designed specifically for in-car use.[9]


Harman Kardon, high-fidelity new generation sound
In addition to the Arkamys sound system, the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid boasts a premium sound experience that was born of a partnership with sound specialist Harman Kardon, leader in automotive sound solutions for more than 60 years.

High-fidelity audio quality
The precision of Harman Kardon’s high-tech audio system offers an even more immersive experience aboard the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid. Acoustic engineers at Renault and Harman Kardon worked hand in hand to guarantee perfectly integrated hi-fidelity sound throughout the car.

Available as an optional extra, this premium audio system has a total power of 485 watts with no fewer than 12 speakers: a central midrange unit in the front, two tweeters located on either side of the instrument panel, two speakers in the rear door panels, two woofers in the front and rear door panels, two midrange units on either side of the rear shelf and a subwoofer located in the boot.

The midrange unit features a patented shared motor coaxial speaker (midrange and tweeter) with acoustical lens and waveguide for unparalleled off-axis sound reproduction, wide and controlled sound dispersion. All for an optimal representation of music and spoken word, and a stable and focused sound stage.

Tweeters are designed with a dome made of high-quality soft cloth for a smooth and detailed reproduction up to the highest audible frequencies.

High power, dual voice coil front woofers, optimised for dynamic bass reproduction and support for midrange band. Designed hand-in-hand with an ECS subwoofer for effortless and low-distortion bass reproduction.

Surround broadband midrange speakers are made of highly durable aluminium, designed for a wide coverage of mid and high frequencies and a small footprint. They deliver a natural sound immersion for front and rear passengers and increases stability of the sound stage.

Lastly, the Externally Coupled Subwoofer is a unique technology that serves to reduce the weight and volume of the subwoofer enclosure, while achieving exceptionally high performance in the low frequency range. It consists of a bespoke and performant subwoofer in a baffle of an exceptionally small size. This compact design is enabled thanks to an opening in the chassis into which the baffle is plugged, allowing for external air pressure compensation.

The entire Harman Kardon premium audio system fits elegantly into the interior of the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid. Speakers on the front door panels feature a minimalist, sleek design. The stainless steel grills are covered with a high-strength matte black coating and a criss-cross of laser-cut patterns. The front midrange unit is also seamlessly built into the dashboard. It bears the same matte black stainless-steel grille with the hallmark 60° slashes of the Harman Kardon brand, and is embellished with a brushed stainless steel strip with the iconic signature.

The same immersive sound for all
Passengers can select from five different soundscapes: Studio, Concert, Immersion, Lounge and Club.

For each soundscape, an algorithm supporting equalisation of phase responses of speakers in the car helps create a stable, well-defined and coherent sound image and stereo sound stage for all car occupants, distinct for each passenger. Virtual Centre technology processes the audio signals of each speaker to guarantee an unbiased stereo stage with a centre image right in front of each person as if they were sitting in the best position in front of the speakers, a place also referred to as the ‘sweet spot’. This means getting the same listening experience in all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid as at home listening to a favourite recording on the home Hi-Fi system.

In addition, an advanced algorithm maintains the music reproduction level and tonal balance at any vehicle speed.

Lastly, the patented Quantum Logic Surround algorithm makes it possible to separate input sources. In dividing streams for each speaker, it offers complete musical immersion for each passenger. The technology takes advantage of spatial information available in the recording and on where each instrument is located. The immersive multi-channel listening experience is thus enhanced by exceptional clarity and spectacularly detailed reproduction. The ideal system for everyone in the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid to be wholly in the moment and let their emotions run free.


The all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid: more than a car, embodying a service
The Renault’s ‘nouvelle vague’ tech SUV, the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid embodies a generation of smart, adaptive, flexible vehicles. This connected vehicle harnesses technology to better serve the driver and passengers and marks the beginning of a new service for proactive maintenance as well as a range of remote services to meet new expectations of consumers and fleet operators.

Connected driving experience
Using cloud-based map data and artificial intelligence, the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid’s connected ADAS (up to 30) are now predictive. They include the Active Driver Assist, Over Speed Prevention, Adaptive Cruise Control, Predictive Eco-Driving Assistant, and Predictive Hybrid driving[10].

This technology is not only useful, proactive, and smart, but it also helps enhance the safety, efficiency and comfort levels for all.

Connected maintenance
In an effort to make the lives of its users easier, the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid offers a brand-new connected maintenance service.[11] This service advises drivers when their vehicle will need scheduled maintenance. It also warns them proactively when they need to bring their vehicle to the shop. Lastly, Renault uses mechanisms to predict part wear in order to inform customers of the condition of their brakes, battery or tyres, and offer to replace them if required.

My Renault connected services
Thanks to the My Renault mobile app, all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid users can enjoy many connected services.

The app can be used, in particular, to remote-control several of the car’s features. Drivers can for example locate their vehicle at any time and easily find it in a car park by flashing the headlights and honking the horn from a distance.

My Renault can also be used to retrieve information from the vehicle in real time (mileage, etc.), find the full list of equipment, find the answer to a question in the handbook, watch video tutorials or chat with an expert. And to access the list of service contracts, the maintenance log, contact a Renault mechanic or book an appointment.

Connected services specifically for fleets
Remote piloting for the all new Austral E-Tech full hybrid is offered to company fleet operators with a full-fledged range of solutions to better optimise fleet management and keep an eye on operating costs. Such features include: opening, closing, and starting the car via a smartphone for car-sharing; checking the fuel and oil levels; maintenance alerts, etc.

[1] On manual versions, the ports and outlets are located on either side of the gear stick.
[2] Optional on techno esprit Alpine and iconic esprit Alpine.
[3] Ratio between the mechanical energy that the engine sends to the wheels and the chemical energy supplied by the fuel.
[4] As points of comparison, the very good Clio 1.5 dCi has a yield of 40%; the 1.3 litre 4-cylinder Mild Hybrid turbocharged engine jointly developed with 37%; the best petrol engines on the market 38%.
[5] Standard on iconic esprit Alpine E-Tech full hybrid versions.
[6] Figures from Kantar World Panel, March 2021.
[7] Depending on the chosen screen.
[8] Available depending on the country and chosen screen.
[9] All connected services on board the All-New Austral require a SIM card and 4G plan. The SIM card and the first five years of included when the vehicle is purchased. To use the apps that can be downloaded from Google Play, depending on the country, Renault may provide a 3 Go prepaid package valid for 6 months. After that, either a smartphone can be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot (enough to run the Google suite or select downloaded applications) or a new data plan can be purchased. Google, Android, Android Auto, Google Play, Google Maps and other marks are trademarks of Google LLC.
[10] ADAS are available as standard features or optional extra depending on the trim.
[11] Available according to the vehicle’s production date.


Boot volume and dimensions

boot volume (litres)

boot volume with fixed rear bench


boot volume with sliding rear bench

up to 555

maximum boot volume with rear bench folded down

up to 1,455

dimensions (mm)

overall length




front overhang


rear overhang


overall width with folded mirrors / unfolded mirrors

1,843 / 2,083

front track ground


rear track ground


unladen height without roof bars and without antenna / with roof bars and shark antenna

1,618 / 1,644

unladen height with tailgate open


unladen boot sill height


unladen ground clearance


front headroom


rear headroom


boot entry maximum width


interior width between wheel arches


maximum load length with rear bench folded


Technical specifications

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