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Alfa Romeo MiTo “Nine” kit

We saw the Alfa Romeo MiTo “Nine” video over on and here is some more information on the MiTo Nine package courtesy of our colleagues at The package is named after the upcoming movie musical from Rob Marshall, based on the Federico Fellini film, 8 1/2.

The “Nine” package is available for all versions of the MiTo, except the Quadrifoglio Verde equipped with the 1.4-litre TB MultiAir engine with 170 hp. The Nine kit on the “Progression” range offers “Elegante” 16-inch alloy wheels, black tint roof and brushed finish for door handles, mirrors, and headlight frames – at a cost of about 1,400 euros.

For the “Distinctive” range of the MiTo, the special kit includes 17-inch wheels, leather seats, lumbar back adjustment in the rear passenger seats, and the same black roof and brushed satin finish. The cost on this range is 1,700 euros. Check out the MiTo product placement if you’re going to see the film, and see the “Nine” with the Alfa MiTo preview video.