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Alfa’s new hatch to be called the ‘Furiosa’

Update: Alfa Romeo’s competition to find a name for its 147 replacement has come to an end and the winner is ‘Furiosa.’ Earlier in the year Afla bosses decided to drop the numerical naming practice in favor of going with individual names that could generate excitement and passion and nothing represents this better than Furiosa. However, not all markets are expected to use the name.

Original: Alfa Romeo’s replacement for the 147 is just around the corner but officials are yet to pick a new name for the entry-level hatch. To help them decide, Alfa has put the decision for naming the car to the public, asking for participants to vote between 12 choices. You may recall VW picked the name for its Tiguan SUV after conducting an online poll of 300,000 readers of a German automotive mag. Alfa is doing the same by launching a new website dedicated to picking the new name.

The 12 possible choices include Agea, Enos, Everson, Fira, Furiosa, Milo, Mod, Nevo, Solea, Sparvo, Velvetta and Ventura. Sadly, voting is only open to residents of Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Japan and the UK. The final cut off date is 15th of this month.

Pictured above is an official rendering of the car that was displayed at a recent shareholder meeting. During that same presentation, Alfa boss Antonio Baravalle revealed the current numeric naming pattern would be dropped in favor of individual names for each new model. Until recently most suspected the replacement for the 147 would be called the Alfa Junior. We’ll have to wait another two weeks to find out the new name and then another couple of months until the final production version is unveiled.