AC Schnitzer has gas, runs with it in GP3.10

For over two decades, AC Schnitzer has built its brand on motoring madness with looks to match. Normally, this involves a bevy of modifications to enhance every performance-related aspect of the vehicle, but with the GP3.10, they’ve made the bold move of trying to balance fuel efficiency with sporting dynamics.

The GP3.10 houses an M5/M6-sourced V10 that runs on liquefied petroleum gas and produces 552 HP and nearly 400 lb.-ft. of torque. 60 comes up in a cool four-and-a-half seconds, and between high-speed runs you can fill up at one of the 2,700 LPG-packing fuel stations sprinkled across Germany. Of course, the Schnitzer folks couldn’t leave the GP looking like a standard 3, so they unfortunately took the interior and exterior to an unhealthy extreme.