Accessories you should have in your car

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The market for in car gadgets is awash with choice, but here we have sifted through the multitude of indifferent products out there, in order to give you the very best selection of must-have accessories:

Griffin Powerjolt Dual (£10)

If you are one of the millions of users of Apple products out there, you will no doubt love the incredible multi-functionality of their phone and tablet devices, but be frustrated when too much extended usage leaves you low on battery power while out on the move. This nifty car charger from Griffin comes with two adaptors so there is no need to fight about who gets to use it first.

How Does Women’s Car Insurance Differ?

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Typically, the insurance policy and what it covers is no different for women than it is for men, but car insurers tend to view women as being less of a risk and safer drivers than men. This is more true for younger women, and means that they usually get a lower insurance premium than their male counterparts. A lot of men think that this is biased, but it makes sense on the part of the insurance company, as women on average tend to file less claims than men, and when they do claim they claim for less than men. So if the insurance company sees you as less of a risk, you will be paying less overall.

Finding Cheap Car Rental Rates

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Whenever you are looking to travel and do business with companies you may not be entirely familiar with, it is important to go with only the most trusted sources.  A traveler scouring the internet for cheap car rental companies may find it hard to discern between the claims each one makes.  Trying to book a rental car can actually cause more stress than any other facet of holiday planning. But that is why we at CARS, have aimed to make the process as painless as possible.