2013 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid

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Volkswagen of America is now launching one of the world’s most efficient automobiles on the market: the new Jetta Hybrid. It is powered by a high-tech turbo petrol engine (TSI with 110 kW / 150 PS) and a zero-emissions electric motor (20 kW) working in a fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly alliance. Power transmission is managed by one of the most advanced and efficient automatic gearboxes: the 7-speed DSG from Volkswagen. While this hybrid drive enables very impressive driving performance (0-60 mph in less than 9 seconds), the new Jetta Hybrid also produces an extremely low (combined) fuel economy value of 45 mpg*. This means that the sporty saloon consumes about 20 per cent less fuel than a comparably powered car with a conventional drive system.