HD Hero GOPRO front – Alfa Romeo Giulia GT

Per Einarsson www.intothered.dk – still testing the application and proper installation of this little brilliant HD video camera. This time it is gaffer-taped to the front-grille and totally enclosed in the water-tight housing. This impairs the sound-recording somewhat and the brutal sound of the engine doesn’t really care over

http://www.youtube.com/v/Rvt4YGjnQCY?f=videos&app=youtube_gdataContinue reading

Fiat should sell Alfa to VW

Fiat should sell Alfa to VW

Rumors that Volkswagen could buy Fiat’s money-losing Alfa Romeo brand resurfaced this week. Why? Because it makes a lot of sense all around.

If I were Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne, I would sell Alfa. Fiat has a terrible track of record with Alfa, which it bought in 1986 — not because it wanted the brand, but to prevent Ford from buying it and becoming a rival car producer to Fiat in Italy.… Continue reading