Alfa Romeo 159 TI

A legend is back at Alfa Romeo.

The TI badge now appears on the 159 saloon. Short for Turismo Inter­nazio­nale, the discreet two-letter label is reserved for only the most sporty and luxurious models in the range.

To mark the occasion, the Italian manufacturer has fitted the newcomer with an upgraded version of its 2.4-litre JTD diesel engine.… Continue reading

New Mazda Taiki Concept Car – video

Mazda unveiled its Taiki concept car during the 40th Tokyo Motor Show, being held Oct. 24 – Nov. 11. This sports car is the fourth concept vehicle in Mazda’s Nagare series. The Taiki features a next-generation rotary engine and is touted as being environmentally-friendly. Mazda’s theme during this year’s show is “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom.”… Continue reading

Ferrari FXX Evoluzione – The Latest Masterpiece

FXX programme extended for further two years thanks to new evolution kit developed with assistance of Client Test-Drivers

Maranello 28th October 2007 – The innovative FXX programme, based on the eponymous prototype car and launched by Ferrari in June 2005, is being extended to 2008/2009. The FXX, which is the most advanced GT ever created at Maranello, has been updated with an evolution package aimed at further improving its handling and performance.… Continue reading

Rare Alfa Romeo at Tokyo Motor Show

You just never know what you’re going to find in the back halls or outdoor pavilions of a major international auto show.

Case in point; while taking a stroll outdoors at the Tokyo Motor Show, we wandered into the back lot’s series of commercial equipment displays. Among the collection of Japanese cherry pickers, tiny dump trucks, and rescue equipment, we happened upon one very fine example of a very rare Alfa Romeo.… Continue reading

Future Alfa Romeos to get RWD

If Alfa Romeo is serious about competing with Germany’s premium labels it will eventually have to drop its FWD only lineup. Latest reports claim that is exactly what’s going to happen over the next couple of years as Alfa updates its lineup and prepares for its re-launch in North America.

The news comes from an Alfa factory manager who told the guys at that Alfa’s future lineup would include more RWD cars.… Continue reading

New award for Fiat 500 – EuroCarBody 2007

The new FIAT 500 has won the EuroCarBody 2007 award, the world’s most prestigious prize for car bodies.

The ninth edition of the Forum organised by Automotive Circle International was held in Bad Nauheim/Frankfurt from October 16 to 18, attended by about 600 experts in the development of the design, materials, processes and manufacture of car bodies.… Continue reading

BMW Concept 1-Series tii

Press days at the Tokyo Motor Show have already started (it’s the 24th there right now) and already Tokyo news has started rolling. First is this little surprise from BMW; the BMW Concept 1-Series tii. Based on the new 1-Series Coupe, the BMW Concept 1-Series tii is basically a 1-Series that received some ‘M’ treatment.… Continue reading

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Diesel Alfa Spider stretches the mpg point

Alfa Romeo has recently put its thoroughbred diesel powerplant – the 2.4 JTDM 20V unit that develops 200bhp – in its award-winning Alfa Spider. The result is sports car looks, performance and handling with city car fuel consumption.

Mated to a six speed ’box, this Alfa Spider guarantees an entertaining and engaging drive with maximum torque available from as little as 2000rpm.… Continue reading