New Small Car with Big Name: Opel Presents Karl [VIDEO]

2015 Opel KarlThe new generation Opel Corsa and the stylish, three-door Opel ADAM are about to welcome a new addition to their circle. From summer 2015, another small car will join them: the five-door Opel Karl. “Karl is a short, snappy and catchy name that represents Opel brand values: German, emotional and approachable,” said Tina Müller, Chief Marketing Officer at Opel.

With Karl, ADAM and the new generation Corsa, all launched in less than 30 months, Opel will have, as of next year, the strongest portfolio in the mini and small cars segments in its history, and one of the youngest on the market place. This new family of mini and small cars will fulfill all kinds of requirements.

With about 4.00 meters in length, the Corsa offers excellent comfort and great balance between exterior size and interior space in a family-oriented five-door body, or a sporty, coupé-like three door. ADAM, the 3.70m-long, three-door individualization champion, offers dynamic driving, excellent connectivity and the widest personalization choice to those who want their car to express their lifestyle. In a compact package of 3.68 meters, Karl will feature five doors, up to five seats and offer the best of Opel virtues in a smart and highly practical manner, and will be the new entry-level model in Opel’s portfolio.

Karl’s name pays homage to one of Adam Opel’s sons – who had founded the company in 1862. While Adam had turned Opel into the largest bicycle manufacturers of the world, his sons Carl, Wilhelm and Friedrich started the automobile adventure in 1898, building their first car the following year.

Source: Opel