Mercedes-Benz G-Class Driving Experience

•Location: Sindelfingen
•Purpose: Presentation of the „IRON-Schockl” and the incomparable offroad capabilities of the G-Class
•Participants: 280 people from over 130 countries
•Vehicles: 7 vehicles of the G-Class: Product Forum: G 63 AMG Facelift Outdoor Display: Golden G-Class, G 500 Edition Select, G 300 CDI Chassis Cab „IRON-Schockl”: 2 x G 500, 1 x G 300 CDI Edition PUR
•Procedure: – Introduction and explanation of the „IRON-Schockl” and information about the offroad technology – Crossing with MB offroad drivers: ? strong torsion (up and down, one wheel up in the air) 100% increase/decrease ; hydraulically steered seesaw at the top