M6 Gran Coupe by AC Schnitzer reaches 328,9 km/h

Piano, Piano! The attitude to life typical of many Italian regions certainly doesn’t apply to Nardò in Southern Italy.

There, under the headline “Beyond 300 km/h”, a high speed test was performed under the auspices of “CONTINENTAL AG” in collaboration with the editorial team of the car magazine “Auto Bild sportscars”.

As a potential candidate for 300, the M6 Gran Coupé by AC Schnitzer was invited to this event.

After completing the GPS speed measurement on the 13 km long high speed test track, which is basically an oversized circle, the digital instrument display read 328,9 km/h.

So the M6 Gran Coupé by AC Schnitzer has done it: it is the fastest road legal BMW in Nardò. This proves that speed does not come from maximum engine power alone, but is the result of a careful matching of all elements in the overall concept.

Source: AC Schnitzer