Geneva Motor Show: Skoda’s rally-ready S2000 concept

Geneva was the venue at which Czech automaker Skoda introduced its new Fabia hatchback. While the Fabia’s nice and all, the real eye candy at the company’s booth is clearly the Fabia-based S2000 concept. The name refers to the Super 2000 regulations the show car conforms to, and it serves as confirmation that Skoda is hard at work preparing a customer-ready Super 2000-spec racer for use in FIA Rally events. The enclosed press release is short on detail, confirming only that the car features a 2.0-liter engine (naturally), roll cage (obviously), four-wheel-drive (a racer-specific addition), and other S2K-compliant features. Sadly, no power output for the car’s engine is given. We’ll guess that the final product should dish out significantly more than 200 horsepower, since the other Super 2000 rally cars we’ve covered here at Autoblog– the new Australian TRD Corolla team car and Peugeot’s 207 — produce 255 and 280 horsepower respectively.