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Esso and Kwik Fit join forces to keep drivers running safely and more efficiently this winter

To help drivers ensure their car is running in peak condition for the winter months, fuel retailer Esso has joined forces with Kwik Fit, the UK’s leading automotive servicing and repair company, to offer customers a free winter health check and oil top up.

Drivers who purchase more than ten litres of fuel at an Esso service station can book a free winter health check for their car at Kwik Fit between 1 December 2021 and 28 February 2022*. This includes: a tyre inspection including condition, tread depth and pressure; battery health check; coolant/anti-freeze strength and level check; assessment of wiper blade condition; windscreen washer system and screen-wash level check; and ensuring all lights are working correctly.

The checks will ensure drivers are running safely on the roads when the winter weather and shorter days affect road surface conditions and visibility, making driving more challenging. But that’s not all, the health checks can also improve a vehicle’s efficiency – for example underinflated tyres have higher rolling resistance, so the engine has to work harder to turn the wheels, increasing fuel use and emissions. A recent study by TyreSafe revealed a staggering 57% of vehicles on Britain’s roads are being driven with underinflated tyres, resulting in higher fuel bills for UK motorists1.

Kwik Fit will also check the car’s oil levels and if required, will top up the engine with up to one litre of MobilTM oil for Esso customers without charge. Keeping an engine’s oil at the correct level is vital in reducing engine wear and maximising a car’s efficiency over the long term. However, research for Kwik Fit has revealed that one in five drivers (19%) never check their oil level. A further 62% of drivers let at least three months go by between their oil checks, meaning they could drive all through winter without taking a look at their dipstick.2

Oil levels are not the only check drivers tend to neglect – 19% of motorists never check the depth of their tyre tread, which is vital for dispersing surface water, while 14% never check tyre pressures. Over a quarter of drivers (27%) never check their car’s coolant/antifreeze, something that is essential for keeping a car running in sub-zero temperatures. It’s not just under the bonnet checks that are overlooked – one in six drivers (17%) admit to never checking their lights, an essential safety component in dull, dark winter conditions.

Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit, said: “Regular checks are essential for smooth and safe motoring throughout the year, but are especially important in winter. We know that some drivers are unsure how to make those checks, so we have partnered with Esso to help motorists ensure their car is in top condition for wintry weather. We’ll carry out the checks for them, and also top the oil up if required – to help keep their engine running smoothly and efficiently.”

Patrick Rutherford, Esso UK retail sales manager, said: “We are working with Kwik Fit to give our customers extra peace of mind this winter with a free vehicle ‘health check’, which will help drivers ensure their vehicle is operating more smoothly, safely and efficiently – minimising emissions and getting it ready for winter.” 

Drivers making a qualifying fuel purchase at an Esso service station can book a winter health check online at Proof of purchase will need to be provided at the Kwik Fit centre at the time of the appointment in order to qualify for a free oil top up of up to one litre (subject to availability).

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