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Driving habits that you should get rid of!

Automotive Bad Habits

Everyone has some automotive bad habits and its costing you money. Is this because some people don’t understand automotive stuff? Not necessarily, people today are so busy that they simply don’t have time to fuss over their car or modify their driving technique. We believe there are just a few items for you to be aware of and you can save a great deal of money. With the help of Stones Chrysler of Rexburg, ID, a local Chrysler Jeep, Dodge, Ram dealer in Rexburg, ID, we have five items that are simple to execute and will save you money.

Lose the lead foot

Driving fast is a major waster of gas.  You can easily gain a whopping 8-10% by slowing down just 10 mph when you are on longer trips. That’s right, 8-10% and it’s pretty simple why this is. It takes a lot of energy to move things through air. Just put your hand out the window when you are driving around and feel the force pushing it back. Now multiply the surface of your hand by about 100 times and you will understand how much force the front of your car has to overcome.  Save some money and drive slower!

Inflate those tires

The AAA says over half of the cars on the road have under-inflated tires. This is too bad because under-inflated tires cost you money in gas mileage and in tire wear. This one is a no-brainer too, you lose about 5% gas mileage when your tires are low on air. This is an easy situation to rectify, just pump them up!

Oil change intervals

Many people hold on to the old rule of thumb that states “change your oil every 3000 miles.” That was a great rule-of-thumb years ago but today’s oils are much better so they last much longer. Check the owner’s manual in your car and you will probably find that the oil change interval is now 6000-8000 miles.

You’re carrying too much stuff

Hauling cargo in your car or truck will decrease your gas mileage. The Federal Department of Energy recommends drivers avoid keeping unnecessary items in your car, especially heavy ones.  Studies show that an extra 100lbs can cost you 1% gas mileage. Keep the heavy stuff in your garage.

You don’t change your car fluids

Most people ignore the fluids in their car until they run low and a warning light comes on. This isn’t prudent.  Fluids become contaminated over time and they wear out too. It is definitely in your best interest to keep your fluids changed and fresh. Your owner’s manual will give you a recommended schedule to change your fluids on. It is best that you pay attention to this schedule, especially with your transmission fluid.



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