DMC Luxury Tuning Company is mostly famous for its refined Lamborghinis. However, we are now presenting their project based on the Ferrari Berlinetta F12. The tuners have developed a special Berlinetta package, which was spotted installed on a Ferrari in Hong Kong. 

Dressed in ultra white paint scheme and dubbed as DMC F12 SPIA, the car boasts the following equipment: carbon fiber body kit with a whole new, aggressive new look and improved aerodynamics, prominent new lip splitter, which extends the car and improves its road stability, a carbon fiber front hood and an optional roof scoop which.

Furthermore, the extended side skirts not only add to better road stability by using a pair of diffuser plates, but also stand out with flaps that match the ones that are also found on the front diffuser. The trunk receives a 599XX-esque spoiler wing, and matches perfectly the redesigned rear diffuser. 

At last, what rounds out the package is the exclusive interior refinement. Inside, on can see an extensive use of Italian fine leathers and carbon fiber. Plenty of buttons and trims and redesigned steering wheel.


Source: DMC