BMW had barely removed the wraps from their brand new M2 when Alpha-N Performance revealed how their in-house ‘RS’ version of this new high-performance coupe might look.

For greater aerodynamic efficiency and a more purposeful appearance, the Alpha-N engineers equipped the aggressive nose of the M2 with a carbon fibre front spoiler featuring an adjustable air splitter and optimised brake-cooling vents. Carbon-fibre is also used for sculpted elements on the front bumper and side sills.

At the rear, a four-position adjustable carbon-fibre rear wing develops varying degrees of positive downforce over the rear axle according to the chosen angle of attack. A carbon-fibre roof panel to reduce mass at the highest point of the car is under development.

The big wheel arches of the Alpha-N M2-RS are filled to the brim by the 9.0 and 10.0×19-inch OZ Superforgiata lightweight alloy wheels shod with 245/35R19 and 265/35R19 tyres. Further daylight is squeezed out of the arches by the fully adjustable coil-over suspension, which lowers the ride height for a more purposeful stance and ground hugging cornering.

The 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder motor makes 370 hp out of the box. Fitting the Alpha-N Performance EVOX Multi-channel Chip-tuning Box, plus their water-injection kit raises this to 480 hp.

For track day addicts, Alpha-N Performance also offer a Clubsport version of the M2-RS, which differs from the ‘civilian’ model by the fitment of lightweight race seats, and either a half or full roll cage.

Source: Alpha-N Performance

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