Alfa Romeo

Alfa 147 CNC Special Edition

Alfa Romeo will be showcasing its usual suspects like the 8C Competizione, Spider, Brera, GT, 159 and 159 Sportwagon at the 62nd Frankfurt Motor Show. But focal point will be the Unique Alfa customisation programme and the Alfa Romeo 147 C’N’C CoSTUME NATIONAL special edition.

The Unique Alfa programme is available for the entire Alfa range and comes in three areas. Vintage jumps back to the Alfa roots with intriguing colors, chrome treats and upholstery which could have come from a craftsman workshop. Collezione reverts to fashion and elegance, and uses materials such as perfumed leather for the interior and multi-layer lacquered paints for the exterior. Turismo Internazionale (ot just TI) uses Alfa’s racing heritage for inpsiration and focusses more on performance, dynamic behaviour and sporty personality of the cars. So far only by lowering the car, boosting braking system and alloy wheels with high performance tires, but with engine tweeking to be added soon.

No concept car for Alfa this year (dare we hold our breath on the 159 GTA), so we will have to do with the Alfa Romeo 147 C’N’C CoSTUMER NATIONAL special edition. The 147 CNC has been co-developed with stylist Ennio Capasa and is limited to 1000 units. Inspired by the music world, multimedia world and street culture, the 147 CNC distinguishs itself by its mother-of-pearl Eldorado White paint, chrome-plated exhaust, glossy black wing mirror cases, darkened rear lights and its 17-inch wheels with sparkle paint job. The interior receives tone-on-tone leather and Alcantara upholstery, black and white interior details and white on red instrument panel.