Sadly, if you live in the States, this is one super wagon that you won't be able to park under your garage during this phase of your life.

In an email we received today from John Schilling, product communications manager for Audi North America, we were told that, the brand has "No plans on bringing the RS6 Avant here to the U.S.".

And for those of you wondering, yes, we did ask him if Audi had plans for a sedan version of the 190mph, 552hp RS6, but unfortunately, we did not receive an answer…

Not to rub salt on the wound, but thanks to a tip from CarScoop reader Bruno, we can share with you a new gallery of wallpaper pictures of the RS6 Avant sourced from Audi's German website.

If you would like to voice your opinion on whether Audi should bring the RS6 Avant to the States, place your vote in the poll after the break.